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How to Make Glass in LEGO Fortnite

Glass is an important resource to have. Here's how to make it!

Glass is an essential resource in LEGO Fortnite for crafting helpful tools and the primary source of power for your vehicles, Power Cells. However, it’s a refined resource that’ll take a few extra steps. Here’s how to make glass and what you can use it for.

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How to Get Glass in LEGO Fortnite

Glass isn’t a raw resource; you’ll need the right crafting station and the recipe to start producing it. You can make it on the Metal Smelter station in your Build menu under the Utility—Stations tab.

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To make the Metal Smelter, you’ll need a few resources already collected. Most of these resources are in the desert biome of the map, Dry Valley, so it’s best to set up camp there while you’re working on getting your glass.

  • Brightcore x15 – Found in Dry Valley caves
  • Obsidian Slabs x35 – Obsidian found in Dry Valley caves and processed into slabs on Stone Breaker
  • Blast Core x3 – Dropped from Blasters found in Dry Valley caves

Once you have your Metal Smelter set up, you can start processing some glass. However, you’ll need to first unlock the recipe for it. To do that, all you need to do is pick up one of the required resources you use to craft it. Here’s what you need:

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  • Sand x2 – By using a Shovel in sandy areas, mostly around the Dry Valley
  • Brightcore x1 – Found in Dry Valley caves

Thankfully, making glass doesn’t require many resources, and you can get them all in the same area of the map. Just ensure you have some tools at the ready, like a handy shovel to collect sand with, and some gear for venturing into dangerous caves.

What to Use Glass For in LEGO Fortnite

Now that you have some Glass, you can start making all sorts of different creations with it. A lot of tools and important items, like Power Cells, require glass to craft. Here are a few of the crafting recipes that you might want to make.

Basic CompassGlass x2
Wolf Claw x1
SpyglassGlass x4
Knotroot Rod x1
Power CellGlass x6
Biomass x50
Survival CompassGlass x5
Sand Claw x1
Copper Bar x1
Angled Light BarTorch x1
Glass x1
Flat Light BarTorch x1
Glass x1

Stocking up is a great idea once you have the means to keep producing glass. Two or more Smelters running at the same time can double the amount. However, if you don’t feel like crafting it, you can occasionally find some at Bandit camps around the world as well. You never know when you might need another Power Cell.

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