rainbow crafting recipe in infinite craft
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How to Make Rainbow in Infinite Craft

Here's how to make Rainbow in Infinite Craft in the fastest way possible.

Rainbow is a highly popular element in Infinite Craft used in the fastest recipe to make trending concepts like Unicorn or Gay. Luckily, Rainbow also has an incredibly simple recipe that just requires four combinations in total using just Water and Wind. Here’s how to make Rainbow in Infinite Craft.

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How to Get Rainbow in Infinite Craft

I made a Rainbow in Infinite Craft by combining Rain and Water. These are incredibly simple concepts we’re working with, and we’ll only be using Water and Wind. The recipe requires only four steps, so here’s how I got Rainbow in the fastest way possible:

rainbow crafting recipe in infinite craft
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  • Water + Water = Lake.
  • Wind + Lake = Storm.
  • Water + Storm = Rain.
  • Rain + Water = Rainbow.

This is the simplest, tried-and-true recipe for getting Rainbow. Now, you can start combining it with other concepts to make popular elements like Love, Gay, Prism, etc. You can also get various fictional characters and concepts like Leprechauns, Unicorns, the Wizard of Oz, etc., just by combining specific elements with Rainbow. Here are some popular combinations I found.

Cool Crafting Recipes with Rainbow in Infinite Craft

Let’s take a look at some useful recipes using Rainbow:

  • Rainbow + Volcano = Unicorn.
  • Rainbow + Catholic Church = Gay.
  • Rainbow + Glass = Prism.
  • Rainbow + Venus = Love.
  • Rainbow + Family = Pride.
  • Rainbow + Plant = Flower.
  • Rainbow + Village = Leprechaun.
  • Rainbow + Town = Oz.
  • Rainbow + Oz = Dorothy.
  • Rainbow + Leprechaun = Pot of Gold.
  • Rainbow + Robot = T-1000.

From Leprechauns to the random T-1000 Terminator, these are just some popular recipes I like, but there are plenty more that you can try once you start combining obscure elements with Rainbow. Feel free to experiment and make your first discoveries. Speaking of which, if you’re wondering about this, check out our first discoveries guide.

That concludes my guide on how to make Rainbow in Infinite Craft. For more Infinite Craft guides and recipes, check out how to make League of Legends or all numbers and letters.

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