How to Marry Matthew in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

Matthew is one of eight romance options in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, and here's how to marry him.

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Matthew is one of eight characters you can marry in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, and this guide will tell you how to win his heart. He’s one of four bachelors included in the game, but you can marry him regardless of the gender you choose for your character. While Matthew seems cold, the way that he opens his heart during his romance has made him a popular choice.

What You Need to Know About Matthew in SoS: AWL

  • Matthew was named Marlin in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life.
  • He’s Vesta’s younger brother and lives on her farm.
  • Matthew seems cold, but his rude attitude is from being shy.

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life makes you choose a marriage partner early on in the game, but it doesn’t take long to raise affection levels with the right gifts, which is helpful considering how short the seasons are and that you have to select a partner by the end of the first year.

There are a few pieces of information that are important to know about Matthew when you’re working towards marrying him:

  • Likes
  • Schedule
  • Diary Location
  • Heart Event Triggers

Matthew’s Likes

Matthew will accept a lot of gifts that increase his affection. The easiest ones to get early in the game are:

  • Crops (Any)
  • Meals
  • Milk (Any)

Matthew likes more gifts than those, but some of them can be expensive or harder to get, such as the Stamina Drinks from Van’s Market. Similarly, for Crops and Milk, he’ll accept any grade, but for Crops in particular, he likes S quality the most.

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You can give Matthew multiple gifts each day as long as they’re different. I usually do two gifts per day, so I might give him a crop and a meal one day and then a crop and some milk the next.

Matthew’s Schedule

Another nice part of marrying Matthew is his schedule makes him fairly easy to find, so you can shower him with gifts to win his heart (which stands in stark contrast to someone like Molly). Matthew’s general schedule looks like this:

  • 6AM – 4PM: In Vesta’s farmhouse or around the farm
  • 4PM – 6PM: Traveling to the Bluebird Cafe, where he won’t stay for long
  • 9:30PM: Goes to bed

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Matthew’s Diary Location

Each marriage candidate has a diary where you can track their affection towards you. This is helpful because Heart Events are triggered by the number of Hearts that Matthew, in this case, has for you, not your Hearts towards Matthew.

Checking his diary regularly can help you learn when you can trigger the four required Heart Events before you can propose. Matthew’s diary is on the first floor of Vesta’s Farmhouse on the bench with plants, which you can see in the image below.

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Matthew’s Heart Events in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

I won’t spoil MAtthew’s Heart Events, so the table below simply includes the number of Hearts Matthew needs for each of the four events and then how to trigger the event. Luckily, they’re a little easier than the events you need to complete to marry Gustafa.

Event OneTwo HeartsEnter Vesta’s Farmhouse
Event TwoFour HeartsWalk onto Vesta’s Farm
Event ThreeSix HeartsGo to Vesta’s Farm between 11AM and 6PM
Event FourEight HeartsGo to Vesta’s Farm between 11AM and 6PM
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You must see the previous Heart Event before triggering the next one, and they all need to be done on a clear day.

After you’ve raised your Affection with gifts and viewed the Heart Events, you can propose to Matthew with a Blue Feather to marry him. We have more Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life guides available, such as how to get and use a fishing rod.

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