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How to Revive Yourself in Soulmask

It's not the time to die!

You’ll face plenty of dangers in Soulmask, whether you’re just exploring or trying to raid a Barbarian base. If you don’t want to risk dropping all your gear and items, you’ll want to know some handy tricks to revive yourself before you actually die. We have everything you need to know right here.

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Soulmask: How to Revive Yourself Before You Die

The slightest things can kill you Soulmask: falling from a hill, thorny bushes, or wild animals, let alone deadly enemies. Dying is very annoying (take it from someone with a lot of experience in the act), especially when you’re trying to venture out into a new area of the map. When you die, you’ll have to respawn at a bonfire or campfire location.

Thankfully, you can avoid having to backtrack or lose your items in a few different ways. Depending on what difficulty you choose for your server, you can revive yourself before you fully die, which makes things much easier, especially if you keep finding yourself in dangerous predicaments often. Here are some ways to do so:

Feign Death

One way to revive yourself before dying is by feigning death. You’ll need to have this enabled for your server for this to work. Basically, when you get knocked down, and you enter the downed state before death, you can stop moving to enter feign death.

During this time, you’ll want to sit as still as possible until your character lays on the ground and any nearby enemies leave you alone. Try not to push any shortcut buttons or move your character because this will interrupt your feign death. While you’re feigning death, you will slowly regain health, and once you get to full health, you’ll automatically revive yourself. Depending on how much health you have, it may take longer, but at least you won’t drop your stuff or have to make the same trek over again.

Tribesmen Rescue

It’s vital to recruit Tribesmen for this very moment in time. Even if your Tribesmen are a bit further out, you can still have them run to you and revive you. Better yet, you’ll take one with you at all times and have them revive you right away. To make a Tribesman revive you, open your Clan menu with the I key, and on one of your Tribesmen from the list, press the crossed swords icon that says, “Deploy.”

Once you have a Tribesman deployed, press the Save Me key from the list of options on the left, which is F7. They will immediately run to you and rescue you from dying. This works best if they aren’t too far away from you or you stay in feign death until they can reach you to avoid draining more health.

Remodel Initial Character

The last method is actually after your character dies, but it can still help prevent having to backtrack and lose items if done right. This way consists of taking control of a Tribesman and using them to respawn you are a bonfire.

When you die, you’ll have the option to respawn at a nearby location, campfire, or bonfire. Instead, select one of your Tribesman (the closer to your death location, the better) and respawn as them.

Once you’re controlling the Tribesman, build a bonfire at the location of your death. All you need to make a bonfire is a branch x10, stone or flint x10, and log or hardwood x19. You should be able to get all these in the wild nearby. Place it down and then interact with it by holding E.

In the bonfire menu, select the “Remodel Initial Character” option. Once you do this, your character will appear sitting beside the bonfire. Then you can select them and press “control” to become them again. Now, you should be all set to pick up your items and continue your journey. This method, of course, works best if you already have a Tribesman nearby, so try to always bring one with you while exploring.

Now that you know all these methods to revive, you’ll have less trouble staying alive and can better prevent losing important items and gear. Just make sure you always have some Tribesmen at your disposal.

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