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How to Sacrifice in Cult of the Lamb

Learn how to sacrifice in Cult of the Lamb and gain Sermon points.

Sacrifice of the Flesh is a ritual in Cult of the Lamb that allows you to sacrifice followers in exchange for resources and upgrades. Here’s how to sacrifice in Cult of the Lamb.

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This ritual requires some progression but it’ll allow you to efficiently gain resources for upgrading your character and unlocking new gear. I’ll also give you some tips for sacrificing like the best traits for this ritual.

Cult of the Lamb: How to Sacrifice

Rituals, and more specifically sacrifices, open up progression milestones through your time in Cult of the Lamb. That said, you will first need to defeat the second mini-boss in the Darkwoods after which The One Who Waits unlocks Sacrifice of the Flesh for you.

From here, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Temple and interact with the altar.
  • Select Rituals.
  • Select Sacrifice of the Flesh (Costs 75 Bones and 1 Follower).
  • Choose a follower to sacrifice.
  • Confirm.

Your follower will then be sacrificed granting you Sermon points which can be used for upgrades and unlocking gear. You’ll also gain Bones and Follower Meat while losing 10 Faith. Followers generate increasing amounts of Sermon based on their level with 40% of the bar at level one and an additional 20% with each level. Lastly, the ritual has a cooldown of seven days.

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Sacrifice Tips in Cult of the Lamb

Stocking up on bones is crucial for rituals. Destroy skeletons during your Crusades, send Missionaries out to earn you bones, and you can even find them randomly in the world. Furthermore, I recommend sacrificing your elderly followers for more Faith with one of the following doctrines that upgrade sacrifices:

  • Good Die Young Trait: Followers gain a trait where you gain 10 Faith if an elderly follower is sacrificed.
  • Belief in Sacrifice: Instead of losing Faith, gain 20 Faith whenever you sacrifice a follower.

This ritual will over time generate tons of Sermon points allowing you to unlock upgrades and new gear for your cult leader.

We hope this guide on how to sacrifice in Cult of the Lamb has been useful. Remember that Sacrifice of the Flesh has a seven-day cooldown. You can find more guides on the game in our Cult of the Lamb game hub like our Doctrines guide or our best weapons list.

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