Having trouble seeing enemies in Hell Let Loose? Here are some tips on zeroing in on targets no matter the map or mission.

How to See Enemies in Hell Let Loose: Zeroing in on More Kills

Having trouble seeing enemies in Hell Let Loose? Here are some tips on zeroing in on targets no matter the map or mission.
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Wondering how to see enemies in Hell Let Loose? You’re not alone. HLL is a military simulation more than it is a mainstream military shooter. That means supplies, logistics, and coordination are just as important as fighting ability and setting your sights on opposing combatants.

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It also means that the confusing chaos of the game’s maps is core to the experience. As a result, something as simple as locating the enemy before they find you can make all the difference between completing your mission and suddenly finding yourself dead. There is no retreat, after all. 

Seeing enemies is easier said than done when soldiers try to blend into the enormous combat zones. This tips guide will help you roll back the fog of war no matter which of the classes your choose.

How to Spot Enemy Players in Hell Let Loose 

The drab colors, terrain, and enemy uniforms naturally make finding your foes challenging. Many players fall into the mistake of looking through their sights for the shape and silhouettes of enemy soldiers.

Instead, focus on movement. Don’t aim down the sight.

Use your full screen and rely on your peripheral vision to detect motion. It’s a subtle change, but you’ll be surprised by how quickly even small movements give away the position of another soldier.

Aiming down a rifle sight in Hell Let Loose.

It may seem obvious to a veteran of shooter games, but gunfire can be a dead giveaway to enemy positions. First is the obvious muzzle flare, the bright flash around the end of a gun created by firing a bullet. If the enemy is in your field of view, this can instantly reveal them.  

However, your field of view is limited. That’s where the great sound design in Hell Let Loose comes into play.

A decent sound system or pair of headphones will help you place the sources of gunshots accurately relative to your position. Listen for gunfire, then orient yourself in that direction. Subsequent shots can help you home in on enemy classes.

Using the ping system in Hell Let Loose to see enemies.

Hell Let Loose is designed to be played cooperatively with your squad. This includes a deep Ping system, allowing your allies to communicate enemy locations for you.

You can do the same, and a squad that can operate as a unit with five pairs of eyes, rather than “seeing” independently, has a huge advantage. Just aim your crosshairs at the target, and press left on the D-pad (or click the mouse wheel on PC), to drop a visible marker for you and your team to see.  

This is even truer for recon teams. A two-person squad with a sniper can be devastating if the sniper is being fed targets by their spotter. The spotter should find cover and pull out their binoculars. Then, following movement and sounds just as before, ping targets. The sniper can then just follow the ping indicators and wreak havoc.  

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It only takes a bullet or two to end the war in Hell Let Loose. This means that seeing enemies before they see you trumps twitch shooter skills. Look for movement, trust your ears, and share information with your squad. There are more skills to master in this WWII shooter for PC, PS5, and Xbox One, so consider heading over to our Hell Let Loose help page for more tips. 

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