Hell Let Loose Supplies: Support, Trucks, and Airdrops Explained

You can't expect to win in Hell Let Loose with an army running low on supplies. This guide tells you how to use the support role, trucks, and airdrops to get more resources.

It takes more than just fighting to win a war. An army needs supplies to operate and, in the case of Hell Let Loose, your team needs them to create structures to spawn soldiers and nodes to spawn construction resources.

But how do you get the supplies you need in Hell Let Loose? This tips guide tells you everything the game doesn't about this crucial gameplay system. Let’s take a look.

How to Get Supplies in Hell Let Loose

A supply crate in Hell Let Loose.

The important thing to know about supplies is that they are dropped, not found. You can’t go digging around the map to find these resources, no matter the size.

Members of a team must choose specific classes and use specific abilities to spawn supplies. Furthermore, supplies are only accessible in a 50-meter radius. It does no good to spawn caches on one side of the map and try to build somewhere else.  

Supplies come from three sources:

  1. Support subclasses
  2. Supply trucks
  3. Airdrops

The Support Subclass

The simplest way to get resources is through the Support role, which is part of the Infantry class. Players in the Support subclass spawn with a supply crate in their inventory, worth 50 supplies. Select the cache and place it where it is needed; you will want to coordinate with classes that use these stockpiles where they want them.

Supply Trucks

Driving a supply truck in Hell Let Loose.

Next is Supply trucks. These typically exist at the start of a match, and more can be added (up to three total) by a Commander, provided they have sufficient fuel resources. Inside the cargo area of the truck are two large crates, each containing 150 supplies.

You can drop these out of the back of the truck anywhere with enough room, with the exception of the two HQ sectors that make up the first two rows on your side of the map.


Last, but far from least, is the Airdrop. Similar in fashion to supply drops in Battlefield 5, only the Commander can call these in at the cost of 50 of the manpower resource. This allows the Commander to summon a crate containing 100 supplies, which then parachutes down anywhere on the map.

This allows a well-coordinated team to create garrisons and resource nodes quickly, anywhere that they need them. There is a two-minute cool-down between uses.

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Published Oct. 12th 2021

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