How to Slide & Dodge in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

Find out how to dodge and slide in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League here.

Harley Quinn grappling in suicide squad kill the justice league.
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Suicide Squad KJL throws a lot of information at you, and while the game features familiar mechanics, some aren’t as straightforward or clear as you’d think. Knowing how to slink past enemy attacks is important. Here’s how to dodge and slide in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

How to Dodge Roll in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

When you start your journey into KJL, you’re introduced to various abilities unique to each character. However, sliding remains a mystery. Plenty of games allow you to slide at your whim, but things are a bit different in Suicide Squad.

Before we slide, however, we should know how to dodge roll. Any character can dodge roll by pressing L3 at any time. There’s no stamina bar to worry about, though there’s a slight half-second or so recovery time after each roll. I like to combine dodges with other traversal mechanics, flying in with Deadshot, attacking enemies, flying, then rolling away from bullets to cover and snipe heads.

Harley Quinn sliding in suicide squad kill the justice league.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

How to Slide with Every Character in SSKJL

To successfully slide, you must jump (X/A) and then dodge (L3) right before you hit the ground. The key to sliding is that you have to jump to activate it. You can do so either out of a single jump or double jump. It might take a little to get the hang of it, but it’s worth your while. I suggest practicing the timing at the Hall of Justice, where there aren’t any enemies around.

An action bar appears once you initiate a slide. When that bar runs out, you start walking again. If you want to slide back to back, you must initiate a jump between each slide.

I main as Harley Quinn in KJL, so I constantly use her grappler to get around Metropolis. Sliding is my preferred way to get across rooftops while my drone recharges because it makes a noticeable difference in maintaining momentum throughout the city. Considering all character’s transversal abilities have a cooldown, you’ll find sliding useful no matter who you play.

While it’s a bit tricky at first, that’s how to roll and slide in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. The moves make traversing the big city much more fun, and they get me out of trouble quickly. They’ll do the same for you. We’ve got plenty more tips and tricks for you to discover at our SSKJL guides hub, like how to respec and how to find all Riddler trophy locations and riddle solutions.

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