How to Speed Glitch in Lethal Company

There are a few speed glitches in Lethal Company, here's how to do one easy speed glitch.

Two players coverting a cash register scrap in Lethal Company
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Anyone can just mod their game to go faster, but not just anyone can glitch their way to high speeds. In this guide, we’ll go over how to do the speed glitch in Lethal Company. It doesn’t require any mods, but it is very like to be patched out soon.

How to Perform the Teleporter Speed Glitch in Lethal Company

This is by no means a new speed glitch, but it’s one I was recently taught and tested out. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Zeekerss patched it out in the next update, but it’s worth playing with for now. You can stun friends and randoms in equal measure, provided you do it right. Luckily this isn’t some frame-perfect glitch that you really need to practice to get down. You need two things to perform this speed glitch in Lethal Company:

  1. A Teleporter
  2. A heavy item

You need a heavy piece of scrap so the game inverts your speed based on the weight of the item. The heavier the item, the faster you’ll move after performing this particular glitch. People tend to prefer using a Cash Register because it’s the heaviest piece of scrap, but a heavier tool like a Jet Pack might do if you’ve just landed. It doesn’t have to be either of these, as long as it’s something heavy.

Note that the session host can’t do this speed glitch. If the host attempts to perform it, it will softlock the game for the whole lobby.

The player looking at a Bunker Spider at the bottom of stairs in Lethal Company
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Lethal Company Speed Glitch Steps

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the facility or on the ship to get this to work, and it doesn’t matter who presses the Teleporter button. All that matters is that you time out grabbing the heavy item.

  1. Set a heavy piece of scrap or tool down nearby.
  2. Communicate that you’re ready with whoever has agreed to push the button on the Teleporter. Or, press it yourself if you’re doing this alone from inside the ship.
  3. Just as you’re about to be teleported, grab the designated heavy item.
    • Don’t do this part as soon as the Teleporter particles engulf you, you have to wait a brief moment. You might have to practice this part a few times to get the timing down.
  4. If the glitch worked, you’ll teleport back to the Teleporter with the item in your hand, and your speed considerably faster.

It’s possible to really zoom around facilities and moon terrain alike with this glitch, but it’s not going to be around forever. For now, at least you know how to perform a speed glitch in Lethal Company to flex on other employees. Check out some of our other guides on the game, such as mods to disable friendly fire, the Overtime Bonus explained, and our all monsters guide.

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