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Lethal Company: Mods to Disable Friendly Fire Griefing

Don't let trolls ruin your fun. Install these two Lethal Company mods that will save you from friendly fire.

There’s a griefing problem in public lobbies. Some players are bringing in the shotgun mod or one-shot shovel mod and killing the entire crew with friendly fire. If you’re getting sick of dealing with it, here are two mods to disable friendly fire in Lethal Company.

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Two Lethal Company Mods to Protect You from Friendly Fire and Griefing

Whether it’s a friend with a bad sense of humor or a random player in a public lobby, no one likes getting killed by a crewmate for laughs. With the shotgun mod and the mod that makes shovels kill with one hit, this sort of behavior is more rampant in Lethal Company than ever. You don’t have to put up with it, though. There are mods specifically to counter this sort of bad-faith play, and they’re client-side so only you need to have them installed for them to work.

Of course, you may also just want to be protected from friendly fire in general, instead of protecting yourself from griefing specifically. In either case, these two mods will help you out and don’t require any configuring on your part. If you haven’t installed mods before, check out our guide on how to install mods in Lethal Company using the Thunderstore Mod Manager.

Lethal Company Mod to Disable Friendly Fire

This first one is to specifically protect you from gunshots from other players. It doesn’t prevent being shot by the Nutcracker, only from shots when another player pulls the trigger. It’s called NoFriendlyGunfire and is a must-have for now if you’re playing in Lethal Company public lobbies. This is a no fuss, simple mod that does just what it’s supposed to do. You can download it here on the Thunderstore or via the Thunderstore Mod Manager.

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Lethal Company Mod to Disable Shovel Damage

This one’s useful whether you’re playing with people using the one-shot shovel mod or not, since it prevents any and all friendly damage from shovels. I don’t play in public lobbies, but one friend is very keen to hit me with a shovel when he’s frustrated. Now he hits me with the shovel to his heart’s content, and I don’t have to die for his entertainment. This one’s called NoShovelGriefing, and you can also download it here on the Thunderstore or using the Thunderstore Mod Manager.

Now that you’re protected from griefers, your only worries in a lobby should be meeting the profit quota and the challenges the game throws at you. Well, depending on how friendly the lobby is anyway. Go forth and collect using these two mods to prevent friendly fire in Lethal Company, and maybe consider checking our some of our other guides like our all monsters survival guide or how to deal with all the weather conditions.

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