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Lethal Company All Weather Conditions Explained

Here's everything you need to know about all weather conditions in Lethal Company.

Regardless of how easy it is to traverse a moon normally, that all goes out the window if you land in bad weather. It’s not all a death sentence, though. In this guide, I’ll go over the Lethal Company weather conditions and what you need to watch out for in them.

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Lethal Company Weather Condition Dangers Detailed

There are just some Lethal Company weather conditions you do not want to land in, and there are others you shouldn’t have to worry too much about. I’ll cover them in order of how dangerous they are, starting with foggy and culminating with the extremely dangerous eclipsed.

Foggy weather on the Experimentation moon.
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Foggy Weather

How dangerous foggy weather is depends on the moon you’re on and how familiar you are with it. A fog map in this condition is deep and hard to navigate and can make even long-time Lethal Company players get lost going between the ship and main entrance on their favorite moons.

Though Rainy conditions are technically more overtly dangerous than a foggy planet, it’s all too easy to fall down into ravines or down crevices in foggy weather. On the plus side, Forest Keepers will have a tougher time spotting you and your crew in the dense cover.

A mud pit in the rain in Lethal Company.
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Rainy Weather

Rainy weather could be considered just as risky as dense cloud cover, but the perils here are a little different. You can’t see very far in the fog, but heavy rains bring dangerous mud and quicksand to any moon. The mud/quicksand spots that generate in rainy weather are randomized, meaning they can be anywhere outside.

It’s best to walk carefully to and from the facility in a downpour to avoid running into sinking ground. Avoid jumping down ledges, as well, to avoid falling into mud/quicksand. Take ladders down from ledges on maps where they’re available.

A flooding moon in Lethal Company.
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Flooded Weather

This is the one Lethal Company weather condition that gets worse the longer you’re on a moon. When you first land in an area of flooded weather, you’ll see water all around in the lower elevation portions of the map. That water doesn’t wait long to rise to truly unreasonable levels, making it increasingly dangerous to traverse back to the ship once you’ve gotten some scrap.

You’ll generally want to get off of a moon as quickly as possible if you’re on a flooded moon — unless you’ve found and memorized a safe route back to it. An example lies in the pipe next to the Fire Exit on Experimentation, which you can use to run back to the ship safely regardless of how high the fire has risen.

Lightning striking scrap in Lethal Company.
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Stormy Weather

There’s a huge jump in difficulty between flooded conditions and stormy weather conditions. You can figure out ways to get around flooded areas, at least to some degree. Storms will kill you outright if you’re unlucky enough. In stormy weather, lightning strikes at random. It strikes the ground, it strikes metal objects (most scrap), and it can strike you out of nowhere.

There isn’t much you can do about the lightning on stormy planets. Be sure to drop metal scrap while outdoors if it starts to fizzle and back away to let the lightning strike it, then pick it back up and get running. You may have to do this a few times on your way back to the ship.

An Eclipsed moon in Lethal Company.
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Eclipsed Weather

This is the one Lethal Company weather condition you’ll want to avoid whenever possible. An eclipsed moon is immediately aggressive, with monsters already spawned outside when you first land. It should come as no surprise to see Forest Keepers or Eyeless Dogs when the ship lands, depending on which are on that particular moon.

It’s almost never a good idea to land on an eclipsed moon unless you and your crew just want to have a laugh, or if you’re desperate to meet quota and don’t have much of a choice. Otherwise, you should avoid eclipses.

Knowledge is power, and knowing something as basic as how the weather works will help you better choose moons that you’ll be able to survive with scrap in hand. With everything you need to know about Lethal Company weather conditions, you’re that much stronger. To learn more about how to play everyone’s favorite trash collector simulator, check out some of our other LC guides. Our beginner’s guide with a massive list of tips and tricks is totally worth a read, as is our Lethal Company bestiary.

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