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What Does Eclipse Mean in Lethal Company? Answered

Eclipse moons are the most dangerous in the game, it doesn't matter if it's Experimentation or Titan.

There aren’t a ton of weather conditions you come across bouncing from moon to moon in search of scrap, but the ones you do run into can be deadly. In this guide, I’ll go over the Lethal Company “Eclipse” meaning, because you’re going to want to avoid it.

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The “Eclipse” Meaning in Lethal Company is Death

It is! I’m not even going to sugarcoat it. For most Lethal Company crews, an Eclipsed moon is a death sentence. Let me paint you a picture: You and your scavenging crew look through the list of moons and see they’re all Eclipsed — except one Storm and another Fog.

You bicker a bit, the lot of you having suffered Storms and Fog before and knowing what they mean. One crew member says, “Screw it, just go.” You lock it in, pull the lever, and then… Land on a moon with an Eyeless Dog right in front of the ship door. You all die in less time than it took you to decide on where to go.

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That’s the Lethal Company Eclipse experience, my funny orange-clad friend! Unlike on moons with other weather conditions, on Eclipsed, monsters are outdoors right from the get-go. To make matters worse, in some cases, it can make Forest Keepers spawn on moons that normally don’t have them. At least, that’s what a friend claims (and I’ll confirm myself soon enough since I haven’t been paying enough attention).

Normally, they don’t start to spawn until the 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. timeframe, but they’re out and ready to chow down on Eclipsed moons before you even land. And that isn’t even touching on the increased entity activity indoors. That’s a whole other layer of pain. Don’t you love walking into the facility and seeing a Bracken down the hallway right away? I don’t. Eclipsed moons have a higher Hazard level than normal for good reason.

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Should You Land on Eclipsed Moons in Lethal Company?

There are some times when the game just demands you go to an Eclipsed or Storm, and you have to make the call between the two of them. Do Storm. Just don’t do Eclipse.

Eclipsed moons are amazing challenges for experienced and skilled crews, but they’re meat grinders to players who are newer to the game and don’t know how to deal with outdoor entities. They don’t even offer scrap rewards worth the trouble over something like a Foggy or Stormy moon.

That’s all I can say on the Eclipsed meaning in Lethal Company. It means death, basically, unless you really know what you’re doing. Even then, it probably still means death. The game isn’t trying to be your friend. If you found this guide helpful, check out some of our other LC guides here on GameSkinny.

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