How to Turn Off Pal Hunger in Palworld So Your Pals Never Have to Eat

If you want to focus more on action rather than survival mechanics, here's how to turn off Pal hunger in Palworld.

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Hunger is an important mechanic affecting your productivity and that of your Pals. Once you start recruiting an increasing number of them, Pal hunger can become a tedious mechanic to manage. Here, I’ll tell you how to turn off Pal hunger in Palworld so your Pals never have to eat.

How to Disable Pal Hunger in Palworld

Some players might enjoy managing hunger for themselves and their Pals. Scavenging and providing a steady supply of berries, jam sandwiches, tomatoes, salads, and more can be immersive for some. However, if you’re like me, you want to turn off Pal hunger entirely so you don’t have to bother with it. All it takes is a visit to the World Settings.

Tweaking this setting will make it so that your Pal’s hunger meter goes down incredibly slowly, virtually turning off hunger. You can do the same to get infinite Stamina.

  • Return to the Main Menu, where you select your world and click on the one you want to change.
  • At the bottom, Select “Change World Settings.”
  • Go to “Custom Settings.”
  • You’ll see various Pal settings, navigate to the “Pal Hunger Depletion Rate.”
  • I slide this option down to 0.1 to practically turn off hunger entirely. but you can adjust it to your desired rate, even increasing it.
palworld world settings menu displaying various options
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Reducing Pal Hunger Depletion Rate makes your Pals go drastically longer without food. I noticed that at 0.1, hunger goes down incredibly slowly; worrying about hunger is a thing of the past. That said, feel free to adjust it to your desired rate based on your preference for survival mechanics.

You can also adjust other useful settings with this method like:

  • Pal Stamina Reduction Rate.
  • Damage to Pals multiplier.
  • Damage to Pals multiplier.

I even did the same for player hunger, so I don’t have to worry about food anymore and can focus on other elements of the game. But that’s how to turn off Pal hunger in Palworld. For more Palworld guides, check out how to rename Pals or how to get and use Sulfur.

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