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How to Unlock the ACR 6.8 in XDefiant

The AK47 may seem like the best assault rifle in XDefiant, but wait until you try the ACR 6.8.

XDefiant is a fast-paced arena shooter that offers a wide variety of weapons. Players can equip hard-hitting sniper rifles, powerful assault rifles, and fast SMGs, but some rise above the rest, setting themselves as the best in their class. The ACR 6.8 is one of the best assault rifles in XDefiant, so unlocking it will help you win more games. So get ready to learn how to unlock the ACR 6.8 in XDefiant.

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XDefiant: How to Unlock the ACR 6.8

XDefiant isn’t like other FPS because leveling your account doesn’t make you unlock new guns or characters. In XDefiant, players must complete challenges to unlock weapons, characters, and factions. To unlock the ACR 6.8 in XDefiant, players must complete the following challenge:

  • Get 10 Assault Rifle longshot kills

Most players will not have an issue completing this challenge as some XDefiant maps are not small. Picking a corridor or a spot with high ground can be the best option to get those assault rifle longshot kills. Choosing a high-damage assault rifle like the AK47 or the M4A1 will make completing this challenge easier as these rifles have manageable recoil and competitive damage output at further distances.

The AK47 is one of the assault rifles with the most damage output, but it comes with a price. This assault rifle has decent iron sights, but its recoil can be challenging. If you are starting to play XDefiant, then going with the best M4A1 build might be your best option.

In modes like Escort and Domination, players have plenty of opportunities to pick targets at medium distances, so make sure you include them in your custom playlist.

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