How to Win CoD Ghosts Clan Wars: Winning Kill Confirmed

How to win Kill Confirmed as a team: part of Game Skinny's complete guide on how to win CoD Ghosts clan wars and unlock the Body Count gear!

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Kill Confirmed: It’s All About the Tags!

One of the many game modes that can appear in Call of Duty: Ghosts clan wars, Kill Confirmed is all about the tags. While it doesn’t technically require team play to win, working together can help you win faster and more easily, allowing you to go up against better teams than you could otherwise.

Unlike Team Deathmatch, kills in the Kill Confirmed game mode don’t count toward the win unless someone on your team runs over your opponent’s dead body and recovers the orange dog tags that hover over their point of death. (Yes, their exact point of death, leaving dog tags sometimes levitating in inconvenient places like outside a third-story window.) Similarly, their kills against you don’t count unless someone on their team recovers your dog tags.

Recovering orange dog tags from the dead bodies of opponents gives you kills toward the win, but recovering blue dog tags from the dead bodies of your own teammates prevents the other team from getting kills, so picking up tags of any color is always good. Besides which, picking up tags counts toward your kill streaks. Nice, right? In other words, it’s all about the tags!

Rushing as a Team

Many players enjoy Kill Confirmed because it’s a “run-around” game. You can’t win by sniping at a distance unless you have a dedicated team running around collecting the kill tags. This makes it a fast game with a lot of movement, and if your clan is naturally good at that, you’ll love this game mode. But you’re still going to have to work together to win if you’re playing an organized team.

Running around alone in a Kill Confirmed match can be dicey. You might get more kills than deaths–even a lot more–but if you aren’t collecting the tags, you’re not really helping. Say you manage to kill two of the three guys coming at you, but they still kill you before you get their tags. Then the last guy standing just got your tags, and you got… what? That’s right: you got nothing.

See? Not helping.

But if you run around in teams of three, finding each other again when you die, you vastly improve your chances of winning any head-to-head fire fights. All your team needs is one guy (or gal) left standing once they’re all dead, and that one will run around getting all the tags: generating points toward the win, denying the other team theirs, and building up kill streaks to blow the other team away.

Camping as a Team

The number of Ghosts players who complain about camping could probably end world hunger today if they all just grabbed one Hot Pocket out of their freezer and sent it to the global food bank. But no amount of complaining is ever going to get rid of a winning strategy, and camping, like it or not, is a winning strategy.

The video I’ve linked above is one our clan made today, just for this article, to show how camping as a team in Kill Confirmed can blow your competition away. To be fair, we were playing a group of random players–not a clan–and even if we had all just run around separately we would have won anyway. But it still shows, if you’re watching for it, how sticking together can give you the edge you need to claim victory even against a more difficult team.

(Special thanks to our clan leader and video poster for foregoing his usual epic killstreaks in order to help me demonstrate!)

Camping and Rushing Combo as a Team

As effective as camping is, it can make for a slow game. If you have a good group of rushers, you can speed up the game by combining the two strategies, with a rushing team and a camping team.

On a smaller map, one team can camp a small area that breaks up the map, while the rushing team runs around farming kills and dog tags. On a larger map, you might have a few campers covering the main “alleys” by sniping from a distance, while the rushers collect the tags and kill at closer range.

This latter method can be extremely effective on maps with just a few main thoroughfares. If your rushers can protect your campers, your campers can make sure the other team really has nowhere to run. If they stick their heads out, they die. If they try to hole up somewhere together, your rushers split up just long enough to hit it from both sides at once.

This, by the way, is the only real danger to camping a small area together. Make sure you’re always covering both (or all three) entrances at once. Otherwise a smart team will split up and attack on multiple fronts, wiping you out from behind while you kill the one guy you saw in front of you.

Don’t Forget Your Callouts!

As in any team play on Ghosts, callouts are super important here. We discourage random chatter during close clan wars matches–like our clan buddy shouting about Tom Brady’ing the other team in the video–so we can hear each other calling out deaths, enemies, kill streaks (so we don’t call in two air superiorities at once, for example), spawn flips, and anything else that can help our team keep the edge. It’s not as important if you’re blowing the other team away, but in a close match, it can make all the difference.

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