How to Win Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan Wars and Get the Body Count Set

Want to know how to win Call of Duty: Ghosts clan wars at Gold or Platinum division and unlock your Body Count camo, merc, reaper, and uniform? Here's how!

So you want to get your Body Count Camo, Body Count Merc, Body Count Reaper, and Body Count Uniform, and you need to know how to do it. Great! You've come to the right place!

Welcome to Ask Erin's Game Skinny Guide to Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan Wars!

Most players don't have an invitation lying around to a Gold or Platinum Division clan, but that doesn't mean you can't get the gear. Even if you have to start your own clan to do it! That's what we did, and this guide is based on the experience we've gained in leading Clan H1D3OUT to Body Count victory.

Our clan has already proven that a few "common knowledge" beliefs about winning clan wars are completely and utterly wrong, so let's get a few things straight right off the bat.

Truth #1: Every single member of your clan does not have to have a rocking k/d to win clan wars.

K/d: the kill/death ratio. A k/d over 1.0 means you kill other people more often than you die. You're "going positive." Good job! A lot of clans require a certain k/d for membership: 1.0 or higher, 1.1 or higher, etc. They want people who will go positive in every clan war game, trying to guarantee wins. But going positive only guarantees a win in games like Team Deathmatch or Cranked. It does not guarantee the win in Domination, for example, or in Blitz. What matters more is having team members who are willing to do what is necessary for the team win, putting them team before themselves.

In several of our winning clan wars, our overall k/d dropped over the course of the win, and we had to bring it back up for bragging rights in between wars. Why? Because during clan wars, our clan stays in winning games even if the other team is just farming kills and our individual k/d's are tanking. A win is a win, and time is of the essence. You have to get the game mode wins, and you have to get them fast. You need team players, not prima donnas.

Truth #2: Having a "bunch of kids" in the clan does not make it impossible to win.

When we first started competing in clan wars, a lot of players tried to tell us that we were crazy to do it with a "bunch of kids" in the clan. Everyone said having players who weren't at least in high school would make winning impossible. They wouldn't be good enough. They wouldn't have the will power. They wouldn't have the dedication. They wouldn't stick together. But we have seen our clan grow stronger with each war, winning our divisions while other clans--older clans, with higher k/d ratios--crashed and burned only half-way through.

Moving into summer vacation certainly helps. The younger players have more time to play when school is out. But high school students (and some of the top CoD: Ghosts players in the world are high school students) have to go to school too. So the time factor isn't as big a hurdle as you might think. The bigger issue is making sure that your clan has the leadership to survive. Young or old, clan wars can be stressful, and any clan can come apart at the seams, watching the board go back and forth over and over, the press of competition relentless. No matter who is in your clan, you will need calm and dedicated leadership to keep your clan on target.

How To Use This Guide

The keys to winning all really come down to those two things: team players, and the right leadership. But what does team play really mean in clan wars? What should my clan look like? Who should be in it? How can I tell if they are team players? And what does good clan war leadership look like? What rules of conduct should I try to enforce? What kind of attitude should I encourage? When should I push my team, and when should I let them have a break? These are all the right questions to be asking, and they are not answered quickly.

So this series is going to be a sort of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about winning Call of Duty: Ghosts clan wars. Some will be questions you already have. Some will be questions you never even thought about. Each article will address a single question or topic, and I will add to the list as I add articles to the series. Please feel free to ask new questions in the comments! I read every posted comment, and if you have a question I have not yet answered, I'll write an article on it and add it to the list!

Upcoming topics are listed below. Linked topics are articles that have already been written. Unlinked topics will be coming soon. Follow me here on Game Skinny and on Twitter @SyFySky to be notified when new articles are posted!

  1. How do I make a clan and enter it in clan wars?
  2. How does the clan wars app work?
  3. How does clan wars scoring work?
  4. How can I build my clan?
  5. How do I keep people in my clan?
  6. What games modes should we play and when?
  7. How do I make sure people play when we need them?
  8. How do we win Team Deathmatch as a team?
  9. How do we win Kill Confirmed as a team?
  10. How do we win Cranked as a team?
  11. How do we win Blitz as a team?
  12. How do we win Domination as a team?
  13. How do we win Drop Zone as a team?
  14. How do we win Search and Rescue as a team?
  15. How do we win Search and Destroy as a team?
  16. How do we win Hardcore Modes as a team?
Published Jun. 6th 2014
  • travis_5642
    what console do you all play on?
  • peshmeister
    Being from the greatest clan ive ever been a part of I must say this article here best describes us, we win so many matches during clan wars and the opposite team gets mad and start trashing on how our k/d sucks and we just laugh at the losers that swear they are great players cause of their high k/d, its about getting the job done, you cant be selfish in clan wars
  • Ask Erin
    Featured Correspondent
    Lol, yeah. We have a few 2.0+ players these days, and they keep saying how amazed they are that they consistently win with us when they couldn't win with their old clan of all 2.0+ gamers. But I point out that in a clan where everyone is trying to up their own k/d, nobody will take the k/d-tanking jobs, like being first into a drop-zone to eat the noobtube. And nobody wants the low scoring job of actually sitting and guarding a domination node, let alone sitting and guarding the guy who's controlling a helicopter and racking up kills. They think I'm crazy for being willing to rush in and die to clear a node out for the team, but that team is sporting the 1,000-point achievement in Platinum Clan Wars after our most recent clan war win. So who's laughing now, right? Go team H1D3OUT!!! =D
  • Si_W
    I don't play COD, being more of a BF man myself (or also Titanfall now, which I guess is COD), but my kdr has always been somewhere between 0.6 and 0.9.

    It's currently 0.85 in BF4 and 0.61 in BF3, although I haven't played BF3 since the new game arrived.

    Kdr is only important if you are worried about how you look to others. I take an interest but only as a personal thing to see if I can improve my tactical awareness and accuracy.

    You know, regardless of how good you are, it only takes someone better in one map to seriously dent your kdr...
  • Ask Erin
    Featured Correspondent
    Agreed! The only thing a high kdr actually helps with is getting you invited to a clan full of strangers. If you're already in a clan that's winning and getting the gear, then it no longer serves any in-game purpose.

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