How to Win Call of Duty Ghosts Clan Wars: How to Make a Clan and Enter Clan Wars

How to make your own clan in CoD: Ghosts and enter the clan wars!

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There are plenty of good reasons to want to create your own clan. I, personally, would not be playing CoD: Ghosts at all if I had not been asked to join a clan by family and friends, so one of the very bests reasons to start your own clan is to encourage the people you enjoy being around to get involved in your favorite game! What could be better than gaming with your favorite people!

Even if you already play, you might be having trouble finding a clan you like. There are a lot of ragers in the gaming community, and FPS titles can be among the worst in attracting high-stress personalities. Ironically, the same trait that drives them to be competitive can also make it almost unbearable to be around them, let alone around a whole bunch of them! So the clans that consistently win at clan wars can in some cases be among the least fun clans to play in.

But you believe in something better! You want to start a clan that's both fun to be in and capable of winning! Good for you! I'm here to tell you, it's possible.

The step-by-step basics: how to start a clan.

You're going to have to make a free Call of Duty account, if you don't already have one. Once you register, the system should prompt you to link it to your gaming account (for me, my Xbox Live account). Each of your clan members will have to go through this process so that they can join your clan and their play can be tracked properly by the system.

When you have your account linked and ready, from the Call of Duty: Ghosts home screen you'll choose Multiplayer, and then choose your gaming system at the top (for me, again, it's XBox Live) to sign in for online play. Once you have signed in, you will see the Find Match option that you're used to when queuing for pvp matches. But instead of Find Match, you're going to select Barracks, and then the second option, which is Create Clan. Follow the prompts to choose your new clan name and your new clan image!

To invite someone to your clan, you will have to invite them into a game lobby. You don't actually have to enter a game (although we have seen some circumstances where people were not able to accept an invite until they had finished one game after the invite was sent). To send the invite, select the player in the lobby and scroll down to the invite to clan option. That's it! The player you invited will see the invite (along with any other clan invites) in their "Clan Invites" section, under their own Barracks.

Pro tip: enter your clan name in the text box it gives you to go with the clan invite, so that your friend can easily see which invite is the correct one.

How to enter your clan in CoD: Ghosts clan wars!

This is the easiest part! You're automatically signed up! Once you've started a clan with at least 3 members, you will be entered in the next clan wars bronze division. But to see it, you will have to download the Call of Duty: Ghosts app to a smart phone or tablet. If you have a tablet, I strongly recommend that you use it as your primary device for viewing the app. You can load the app on your phone too, but the tablet version is much easier to navigate. (I like the iPad mini.)

You can see your clan details by viewing the "My Clan" option in the app, but you won't be able to see anything about the upcoming clan war until it starts. Choosing Clan Wars when no war is active will just show you past wars, and since you have not participated in any clan wars yet, you won't have any past standings to view. Even on the day the next clan war begins, you will not see your division until the minute the war goes live, at least as of the current version of the app (June 6, 2014).

Pro tip: be very careful on the My Clan screen, because "leave" is not a back button - it is literally a button for leaving the clan! If you hit it accidentally, it will give you a warning and let you cancel it, so pay attention!

Congratulations on your new adventure, and good luck! You can do it! Winning your division moves you up to the next division. Once you're in a gold division or higher, wins start to unlock your in-game Body Count gear. For more information, look for the articles on how the app works and on how scoring works! And remember, no matter how competitive things get, don't forget to have fun!

Have more questions? Check out the rest of my Game Skinny Guide on How to Win (CoD) Ghosts clan wars!

Published Jun. 6th 2014
  • ali zaman
    how i can be come stb member
  • ali zaman
    i will make my clain
  • markus_3561
    Yes it does and I don't think it has a new clan leader
  • Ask Erin
    Featured Correspondent
    Does the clan still exist? And if so, is there a new clan leader? I have not run into this problem myself, but I have Tweeted your question to ATVIAssist and beachheadstudio. Hopefully they will see it and help!
  • markus_1178
    Okay I play call of duty ghost and I made a clan but my lil brother messed up and made me leave my clan is there any way I can get my clan and be the leader again and also have my members back too?? If you can this will help me out a lot if you or anyone can answer my question thank you for the help

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