Need some backup fighting the zombie hordes? The Hasselhoff himself will help you take on the neon undead menace!

Infinite Warfare Zombie Easter Eggs: David Hasselfhoff

Need some backup fighting the zombie hordes? The Hasselhoff himself will help you take on the neon undead menace!
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The delightfully ’80s themed Zombies In Spaceland is easily one of the most fun Infinite Warfare multiplayer modes available (see our full review of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare), taking the same gameplay from Black Ops III’s zombie mode but putting it in a neon amusement park setting.

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The park is littered with Easter eggs, including the ability to recruit none other than ’80s icon David Hasselhoff himself as a friend to help cull the relentless waves of zombies! To recruit the ‘Hoff, you first have to repair a robot and start some challenges.

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Repairing N3IL

To get started, flip the power switch on the wall in the office right behind where you start (the room on the right when you are facing away from the amusement park map).

Next, save up $750, which can be easily done in the 1st wave, and open up the wall marked “pardon our space dust” to access the second area of the Spaceland map. Run ahead and in the center of the next area you’ll see a robot curiously missing its head.

 Decapitated N3IL

Continue going forward and on top of a food cart nearby you’ll find the head conveniently waiting for you. Return the head to the robot and you can now begin receiving challenges.

N3IL’s Head

N3IL will automatically start giving you six randomized challenges – you could get anything from “kill 4 zombies from a long distance” or “kill 10 zombies while jumping.”

Completing challenges gives you tokens to use in machines around Spaceland, but also lets you start unlocking special Infinite Warfare zombie Easter eggs, including unlocking David Hasselhoff as a character!

Happy Non-Headless N3IL

There’s a short wait time between challenges, and you are facing off against the clock, as each challenge is timed. You can pause challenges however by approaching N3IL if you can’t complete the current challenge on time (such as if there aren’t enough zombies around at the end of a wave).

Now all you need to do is complete the first six challenges and report back to N3IL, who will open a fiery portal in the ground and summon David Hasselhoff! This is particularly helpful if you are playing a solo match and need someone to watch your back.

 So Stylish And Handsome!

Stay tuned as we cover the rest of the Easter eggs found throughout Zombies In Spaceland!

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