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Is Disney Dreamlight Valley Cross Platform? Answered

Disney Dreamlight Valley multiplayer is easy to hop into. We'll go over whether it has cross platform play in this guide.

Multiplayer is finally available in DDV, and it’s worth diving into to get Pixel Shards. You might have friends playing on different platforms, though. So let’s delve into whether Disney Dreamlight Valley is cross platform, and the restrictions it has.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Crossplay Examined: How Cross Platform Play Works

If you’ve been playing Disney Dreamlight Valley in conjunction with friends and have been waiting for Gameloft to finally grant your co-op wishes, you’re very much in luck! As of the December 5, 2023, update, DDV officially has multiplayer. Not only does it have single-platform multiplayer, but the cozy sim game also features cross platform co-op.

There’s a single caveat to the new Disney Dreamlight Valley crossplay feature: players on PlayStation aren’t able to join players on mobile, PC, Mac, Xbox, or the Nintendo Switch. If any of your friends are on PlayStation while you’re on any other non-Sony platform, you won’t be able to play together. The good news is that you’ll be able to play together if you’re using any other combination of platforms.

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How to Play Disney Dreamlight Valley Multiplayer in Crossplay

Starting a multiplayer session is the same on every platform, and I found that the multiplayer code system is the same, as well. You both must have unlocked DreamSnaps to access the quest to unlock multiplayer. This means co-op isn’t available at the start of the game.

You can have up to three friends join you in Disney Dreamlight Valley co-op. The basic steps to start a multiplayer session are as follows:

  1. Find Vanellope and take on her “Valley Visits” quest.
  2. Place the KL-1200 Valley Visit Station in your valley to complete the quest.
  3. Interact with the Valley Visit Station to open your valley for visitors. You’ll get a code when you open it, which you need to give to your co-op partners.
  4. Whoever wants to join you needs to input your unique code in their start menu.

Now you know how to start Disney Dreamlight Valley crossplay and multiplayer in general, since the process is the same whether you or your co-op partner(s) are on the same platform or not. A shame about people playing on PS4 or PS5, though. Check out some of our other DDV guides here on GameSkinny, such as where to find Matryoshka Dolls to unlock Jack Skellington.

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