Is Palia Down for Maintenance? How to Check Server Status

Curious about Palia's server status? Here's how to check if they're up or maintenance is going on!

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Like other MMOs, Palia is sometimes subject to maintenance periods to implement new content or fix problems with existing content. Without a server portal to display status, you might end up wondering if the servers are down. But here’s how to check the Palia server status.

How to Check if Palia Servers are Down Right Now

Although there’s no official portal for server status, there are a few avenues of communication with the developers you can use to check instead. As a game that’s still in beta, Palia receives updates now and then. Some of those updates require bringing the servers down for maintenance, like the recent one that introduced Subira.

How to Check Palia’s Server Status

Although there’s no official portal for server status, you have multiple options. If I’m enjoying my cozy time in Palia and get disconnected — or if I try to log in and find that I can’t — here’s where I head first.

  • Check (@playPalia) on X (formerly Twitter) to see if the devs have posted any information about a planned maintenance period.
  • The Palia Discord server is also a great place to look for information regarding the servers and if any maintenance is happening that will bring them down for some time.
  • And of course, the Palia website has a news section you can take a look at for any updates.
Image via Singularity 6

What’s the Best Way to Check if Palia Servers are Down?

I recommend joining the Discord server out of all these options. Especially considering that the server is run by the development team. Not only do you get real-time information, you can directly interact with developers and report any bugs you come across. And maybe when they’ll be available again if it’s a scheduled outage for the sake of updates or fixing issues.

And that’s how to check server status to see if Palia is down for maintenance. An interruption to your time in this cozy world might not be fun, but it’s usually not long before you can hop right back in. From here, check out our Palia guide hub for topics like our weekly wants list for all villager gifts or where to find Garden Mantis.

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