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Palia: Where to Find Garden Mantis

Here's how to find and catch Garden Mantis for challenges and weekly wants.

There are a number of bugs crawling on the ground that Auni can ask for as a Weekly Want, and you’ll want to catch them all to increase your friendship rating. However, not all of them are easy to locate. Here’s where to find Garden Mantis in Palia.

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Where to Find Garden Mantis in Palia

Garden Mantis is an uncommon bug found only in Kilima Valley that can appear anytime. They have a mix of light and regular green coloring, providing them with perfect camouflage in areas of high grass. Not to be confused with leafhoppers or grasshoppers, their back carapace is pointier, and they appear taller.

The best place to encounter them is Gillyfin Cove, which is also the easiest place to see them since it’s sandy. Typically, I end up with two or three regular Mantis bugs, with 1-Star Quality Garden Mantis after visiting the area. I’ve even caught one to have another spawn right in front of me. You can also find them in Leafhopper Hills and toward Remembrance Beach, though less frequently.

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Once I find one, I use Sneaky Smoke Bombs to capture it. They jump when scared, making it hard to track them if close to grassy regions. They don’t move exceptionally fast, but you can use Sticky Smoke Bombs if you’re concerned about them getting away. I would save those for rarer insects, especially since Garden Mantis is only uncommon and has a frequent spawn rate.

Why Catch Garden Mantis

There are a number of reasons why you want to use your Smoke Bombs on a Garden Mantis.

  • Leveling your Insect Catching skill.
  • Fulfilling a Weekly Want.
  • Catching bugs for Elouisa’s friendship quests.
  • Catching uncommon bugs for the weekly challenge.
  • Completing bug-catching accomplishments.
  • Crafting a Buzzy Jar.

That’s how to catch Garden Mantis in Palia. If you’re looking to catch rarer insects, need help finding certain fish, or want to know how to complete a quest, hop over to our guides vault for assistance.

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