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Where to Find Weekly Skill Challenges in Palia

Weekly challenges give you additional skill goals in Palia.

Once you hit level 10 in a skill, you can complete weekly challenges in Palia. These are specific tasks that prompt you to continue leveling up your skills. Granting skill coins, weekly challenges are something you should strive to complete each refresh. Here’s where to find your weekly challenges in Palia.

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Where to Find Your Weekly Skill Challenges in Palia

When you first hit Level 10, you’ll get a prompt to go speak to the head of the guild associated with that skill. They’ll officially welcome you to the guild, show off the items you can buy with skill coins, as well as give you a starting sum to spend. What they don’t happen to tell you is where to find the challenges they present every week.

Thankfully, it’s rather easy to find where they’re listed. You won’t find them by interacting with the bulletin boards or speaking with the guild head again. Instead, navigate to the Accomplishments tab (U). Weekly Challenges are listed before the various achievements you can earn in a color matching the skill coin you earn from them. Each skill has three challenges per week which are detailed on the individual challenge card in the tab.

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Why Complete Weekly Challenges

There are two main reasons you want to complete the weekly challenges.

  • Earn Skill Coins.
  • Earn Renown.

Completing weekly challenges is one of the only ways to earn more skill coins aside from the ones initially given to you when you hit level 10. The skill coins earned are specific to the skill the challenges are for and can’t be used at another guild store. The amount of coins you earn when completing a challenge is listed at the top of the challenge’s card.

If you want to get a plaque to commemorate your achievement, you’ll need 140 skill coins. Items, including decoration for your home, can cost up to 980 skill coins. That’s in addition to the regular items you can purchase, such as seeds, cooked dishes, or Heartdrop Lilies.

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You also get Renown when you complete a challenge. While not listed on the challenge card you’ll be awarded some. In the case of the Collect Forage challenge shown above, I earned 30 Renown when I finished it. If you’re looking to up your focus, this is a great way to continue earning renown.

Weekly Challenges


  • Cook Meals: 40 Skill Coins
  • Cook Star Quality Meals: 30 Skill Coins
    • Make 3 Star Quality dishes
  • Cook Together: 30 Skill Coins
    • Make 3 meals with other players


  • Catch Fish: 40 Skill Coins
  • Catch Star Quality Fish: 30 Skill Coins
    • Catch 10 Star quality fish
  • Catch Fish Together: 30 Skill Coins
    • Catch 10 fish with while fishing with others


Furniture Building

  • Craft Common Furniture: 40 Skill Coins
    • Build 5 pieces of common furniture
  • Craft Uncommon Furniture: 30 Skill Coins
    • Build 3 pieces of uncommon furniture
  • Craft Rare Furniture: 30 Skill Coins
    • Build 1 piece of rare furniture


  • Harvest Crops: 40 Skill Coins
    • Harvest 30 crops
  • Harvest Star Quality Crops: 30 Skill Coins
    • Harvest 10 Star quality crops
  • Use Fertilizer: 30 Skill Coins


  • Hunt Creatures: 40 Skill Coins
    • Slay 30 creatures
  • Hunt Magical Creatures: 30 Skill Coins
    • Slay 5 Proudhorn Sernuk and/or Azure Chapaa
  • Hunt Creatures Together: 30 Skill Coins
    • Slay 10 with the help of other players

Insect Catching

  • Catch Bugs: 40 Skill Coins
  • Catch Uncommon Bugs: 30 Skill Coins
    • Catch 10 uncommon insects
  • Catch Bugs Together: 30 Skill Coins
    • Catch 10 insects with other players


  • Mine Nodes: 40 Skill Coins
    • Mine 30 nodes
  • Loot Precious Metal: 30 Skill Coins
  • Mine Nodes Together: 30 Skill Coins
    • Mine 5 nodes with other players

That’s where to find weekly challenges in Palia, as well as why you should focus on them. If a challenge is a bit puzzling, requires you to find a certain fish, or if you need to grow a certain crop quickly, check out our skill walkthroughs for some help. We also have guides to help with quests, romance, and weekly wants.

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