Palia: Where to Find Resources

Struggling to find an item in Palia? Here's where to find all mining nodes and gatherables.

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Foraging for resources is a main past time in Palia. Gathering the bounty of the land helps with quests, crafting, the Vault of Waves, and more. Instead of spending hours wandering around Palia looking for resources, here’s where to find various foraged items, mining nodes, and trees.

Where to Find Resources in Palia



  • Sapwood: Light colored trees throughout your home plot, Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay.
  • Heartwood: Darker colored pine trees in Bahari Bay.
  • Flow-Infused Wood: Trees with a purple glow at the base found in Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay. Need multiple people to chop it down.
  • Plant Fiber: Obtained when chopping trees and bushes.
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  • Sundrop Lily: This plant is extremely common and found throughout grassy areas of Palia.
  • Emerald Carpet Moss: Found in the grassy area in front of Kilima Lake, near Einar’s dock.
  • Dragon’s Beard Peat: Found along the coast of Bahari Bay.
  • Briar Daisy: Obtained by heading south of Paval Mines on the cliffs at night.
  • Crystal Lake Lotus: Found in the water on the edge of Kilima Lake.
  • Heartdrop Lily: Located in the cliffs of Statue Garden at night.


  • Wild Garlic: Found in grassy areas in Bahari Bay and Kilima Valley.
  • Spice Sprouts: Ample supply is found near the Family Farm.
  • Heat Root: Found growing on cliff walls in Bahari Bay.
  • Sweet Leaf: Found in Bahari Bay especially in the Thorny Thicket, Statue Garden, Proudhorn Pass, and the Outskirts areas.
  • Brightshroom: Located near ruins throughout Bahari Bay.
  • Mountain Morel: Found in large amounts near the entrance to Bahari Bay when coming from Kilima Lake. Also located on the home plot, but those will not respawn once picked.
  • Dari Cloves: Found in Bahari Bay.
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Beach Finds

  • Shell: Found along the coast of Bahari Bay in shallow water.
  • Unopened Oyster: Found along the coast of Bahari Bay in shallow water.
  • Coral: Found along the coast of Bahari Bay, especially in Coral Shores.

Mining Nodes

While Mining is its own separate skill, knowing where to look for specific mining nodes can make leveling it up more efficient.

  • Stone: Stone is obtained when mining from any node, regardless of type.
  • Flint: Found in stone nodes with no ore present.
  • Copper: Copper nodes are located throughout Kilima Valley.
  • Iron: Nodes containing iron are found in Bahari Bay.
  • Silver: Potentially dropped while mining copper ore nodes. Also obtained from treasure chests.
  • Palium: Palium is extremely rare but found in Bahari Bay, especially in Thorny Thicket and south of Proudhorn Pass. Look out for nodes with blue, magical looking ore.
  • Gold: Obtained as a potential drop when mining iron ore nodes. Also obtained from treasure chests.
  • Clay: Clay is found along the banks of Kilima Lake.

That’s where you can find all gatherable items and mining nodes in Palia. If you’re looking for an item to fulfill a weekly want, need to know where fish spawn or are having trouble with a quest, check out our growing guides hub.

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