Palia Subira Guide: How to Start Her Quest and Can She Be Romanced?

Patch 0.173 for Palia introduces a new character. Here's how to start her quest and if you can romance her.

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There’s a new character in Kilima Village as of Patch 0.173. She brings along new limited-time quests to celebrate her inclusion in the community, as well as new locations and recipes. Here’s how to start Subira’s arrival story and whether or not she can be romanced.

How to Start Subira’s Arrival Story in Palia

Subira is a member of the Order, specifically a Watcher. For those not deeply versed in Palian lore, the Order is a group that monitors the use of Flow, magic, and strange occurrences throughout the land. With humans randomly appearing in Kilima Village, she’s been sent to investigate unusual happenings.

To usher in her arrival, a series of limited-time quests are now available. To begin her arrival story, you’ll need to have completed Eshe’s citizenship quests:

Once the next main storyline quests drop, however, her arrival missions will disappear. Even though the Singularity 6 team states it will be quite some time before this occurs, you’ll want to jump over and see what Subira’s story is all about sooner rather than later. I know I am! If you do end up missing the limited-time questline, however, you’ll still be able to get the quest rewards in the future through evergreens.

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Can You Romance Subira? Answered

Right now, no: you can’t romance Subira. The dev team says we ought to be patient and let Subira settle into Kilima Village before we start sending her chocolates and Heartdrop Lillies. They go on to say that “maybe romance will be in the cards for the future,” so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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New Locations and Recipes Arriving Alongside Subira

Subira doesn’t just bring new quests with her. She also brings four new recipes and two new locations. Along with Subira’s Suite, her private room that you’ll need to work to access, there’s a secret area discovered during her storyline.

As someone from a more sophisticated area of Palia, she introduces us to refined dishes that Eshe must simply be gushing about. These are unlocked during Subira’s quests.

  • Petit Fives
  • Oysters Akwindu
  • Muujin Bahari
  • Congee

That’s how to start Subira’s quest in Palia, as well as the answer to whether she can be romanced yet. For more on lore, quest help, or the NPC requests for the week, check out our guides hub.

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