Palia: All Romance Options

If you're looking for love, these are the romanceable characters you can date.

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Palia has a delightful cast of NPCs that you can befriend. For those searching for a deeper connection, there are more than a handful of romaceable characters that you can date. Each has their own likes, weekly wants, and friendship stories you need to complete before you can take things to the next level. Here are all romance options in Palia

All Romance Options in Palia

There are nine romance options in Palia. And you don’t need to be pinned down to one person because of the game’s open-ended dating mechanics, which lets you go steady with multiple characters. Going out with an NPC comes with its own storyline and quests, so you can see all the stories before you decide who to woo. If you need help figuring out how to start dating a romanceable character, we have a whole Romance Guide to get you going.

Romance Option 1: Einar

Einar is a Galdur, a living robot who embodies Oneness. He’s the fishing expert of Kilima Village, which allows him to focus on his Oneness day in and day out.

Einar Likes

  • Any Fish
  • Bahari Crab
  • Spineshell Crab

Einar Loves

  • Any Shiny Pebble
  • Mottled Gobi
  • Stormray
  • Fathead Minnow
  • Fisherman’s Brew
  • Vampire Crab
  • Flow-Infused Plank

Romance Option 2: Hassian

Hassian is in charge of the Hunting guild and would rather be alone in the woods than talking with others. If you can get past his gruff nature, he’s sure to be sweet deep down.

Hassian Likes

  • Flint
  • Brightshroom
  • Chapaa Fur
  • Sernuk Hide
  • Sernuk Antler
  • Silk Thread
  • Spotted Chapaa Tail
  • Standard Arrow
  • Leather
  • Sernuk Noodle Stew

Hassian Loves

  • Proudhorn Sernuk Antler
  • Azure Chapaa Tail
  • Dispel Arrow
  • Iron Bar
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Romance Option 3: Jel

Jel brings big-city designs to Kilima as the owner of the clothing shop. He’s Tish’s best friend and often asks for natural items to inspire him.

Jel Likes

  • Sundrop Lily
  • Crystal Lake Lotus
  • Fabric
  • Silk
  • Bat Ray
  • Barracuda

Jel Loves

  • Willow Lampray
  • Pearl
  • Green Pearl

Romance Option 4: Jina

Jina is the first person you meet when you arrive in Palia. She’s training to be an archaeologist and currently writing on human reappearances for her studies. You’ll often find her in the ruins with Hekla, her Galdur companion.

Jina Likes

  • Any Mushroom
  • Heat Root
  • Wagon Wheel
  • Flint
  • Cotton
  • Cotton Seed

Jina Loves

  • Mutated Angler
  • Dari Cloves
  • Mushroom Soup
  • Rainbow-Tipped Butterfly
  • Radiant Sunfish

Romance Option 5: Kenyatta

Kenyatta is the daughter of the mayor and works at the front desk. She does all she can to annoy her mother. Currently, she’s been dating Nai’o, but you can still catch her fancy if you impress her.

Kenyatta Likes

  • Creamy Carrot Soup
  • Briar Daisy
  • Brushtail Dragonfly
  • Pearl
  • Silk Thread
  • Chapaa Fur
  • Sernuk Hide
  • Sernuk Antler
  • Knapweed
  • Crystal Lake Lotus
  • Inky Dragonfly

Kenyatta Loves

  • Proudhorn Sernuk Antler
  • Meaty Stir Fry
  • Leafstalker Mantis
  • Alligator Gar
  • Fairy Mantis

Romance Option 6: Nai’o

Nai’o is the older brother of Auni. You can find him at the family farm outside of town or near the mayor’s house during the day. He’s infatuated with Kenyatta, but you may be able to steal his affections.

Nai’o Likes

  • Rice Seed
  • Stone Brick
  • Chapaa Fur
  • Sernuk Hide
  • Sernuk Antler
  • QualityUp Fertilizer
  • Wagon Wheel
  • Wheat Seed
  • HydratePro Fertilizer

Nai’o Loves

  • Iron Bar
  • Steak Dinner
  • Blueberry Jam
  • Stalking Catfish

Romance Option 7: Reth

Reth is the resident cook of Ormuu’s Horn. He’s a fun-loving, lettuce soup-cooking guy. If you jive with his passion for cooking, this romance may just heat up.

Reth Likes

  • Garlic
  • Potato
  • Onion
  • Sweet Leaf
  • Grilled Meat
  • Creamy Carrot Soup
  • Ramen
  • Sernuk Noodle Stew
  • Vegetable Soup
  • Sernuk Meat
  • Yellow Perch

Reth Loves

  • Apple Jam
  • Cream of Tomato Soup
  • Dari Cloves
  • Apple

Reth Hates

  • Bugs
    • Only give him a bug when he requests it as a weekly want, otherwise he will reject the item.
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Romance Option 8: Tamala

Tamala is a mysterious woman who lives in the forest of Bahari Bay. Many of the other villagers will warn you to stay away from her. You may just fall under her spell if you like her witchy vibes, however.

Tamala Likes

  • Emerald Carpet Moss
  • Chapaa Fur
  • Copper Ore
  • Iron Ore
  • Spice Sprouts
  • Sernuk Hide
  • Sernuk Antler
  • Brightshroom
  • Kilima Night Moth
  • Garden Millipede

Tamala Loves

  • Radiant Sunfish
  • Long-Nosed Unicorn Fish
  • Shimmerfin
  • Leafstalker Mantis

Romance Option 9: Tish

Tish is Reth’s sister and owner of the furniture shop in town. She’s the carpenter that first gives you your building plans and offers a variety of options for customizing your home.

Tish Likes

  • Clay
  • Shell
  • Sundrop Lily
  • Dawnray
  • Sernuk Antler
  • Sernuk Hide
  • Elder Sernuk Antler
  • Coral
  • All Treasure Chests
  • Heartwood Plank

Tish Loves

  • Pearl
  • Green Pearl
  • Silk Thread
  • Blueberry Pie

Those are all the romance options in Palia. More romaceable characters are sure to be added as the game expands, especially since new NPCs were mentioned in the content roadmap. For help on becoming friends and dating NPCs, check out our guides hub, where we tell you how to make money fast, as well as how to get focus, among other useful tips.

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