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Palia: All Shiny Pebble Locations

If you're looking to give shiny pebbles to Einar, this is where to find them all in Palia.

Whether you’ve already picked up a few shiny pebbles or you’re looking to complete the Pebbled Plunder Accomplishment, finding more of them can be challenging in Palia. With 10 unique shiny pebbles, it can take time to find them all. Uncovering these glimmering stones might be a hassle, but it’s worth it if you want to get the Pebbled Plunder achievement or need a gift that Einar likes. Here are all the locations for shiny pebbles in Palia.

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All Shiny Pebble Locations in Palia

You may see pebbles with specific locations respawn. However, if you have a pebble in your stash or inventory, you can’t pick it up again until you’ve gotten rid of it.

  • Blue Shiny Pebble: Found in the Flooded Fortress, lower floor of the ruins.
  • Green Shiny Pebble: Found in the Water Temple ruins across from the Water door on the broken ledge.
  • Large Shiny Pebble: Randomly obtained.
  • Lumpy Shiny Pebble: Randomly obtained when mining stone nodes.
  • Orange Shiny Pebble: Found in the hollow tree stump on Coral Shores.
  • Purple Shiny Pebble: Located in Bahari Bay near the small altar between the two bridges to the east of Hodari and Najuma’s house.
  • Red Shiny Pebble: Randomly obtained when mining clay nodes.
  • Small Shiny Pebble: Randomly obtained when mining.
  • Smooth Shiny Pebble: Randomly obtained when opening Unopened Oysters.
  • Yellow Shiny Pebble: Found in Statue Garden on the small bench to the left behind the statues.
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Pebbled Plunder Accomplishment

To achieve the Pebbled Plunder Accomplishment and complete the hidden quest, you need to gift eight out of the 10 shiny pebbles to Einar. These have to be unique pebbles. You can’t gift him four Large Shiny Pebbles and four Purple Shiny Pebbles to get this achievement. Since this isn’t tracked in the journal, you should note which pebbles you’ve given to him.

Once you’ve gifted him the eight different rocks, you’ll earn:

  • Einar’s Adornment customization item
  • Renown +30

Those are all the shiny pebble locations in Palia as well as the accomplishment you get after gifting them to Einar. If you’re looking for a present and are out of fish, you can always offer him one of these glimmering stones. You’ll even see his majestic pile once you get the key to his cave. For more hidden quest walkthroughs, how to raise friendship with the villagers, or other item locations, take a look through our guide vault.

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