Palia: How to Start Romancing Hodari

Hodari's finally open to love, but you need to complete a few extra steps before he accepts your affections in Palia.

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Hodari, the hottest daddy in Palia, has been added to the dating pool. The muscled miner can be gifted some chocolates, but that doesn’t mean he’ll accept them right away. Given that he’s the first eligible villager with a child, it makes sense that there’s a bit more legwork to do before you can steal his heart. In this guide we’ll go over how to start romancing Hodari in Palia.

How to Start Romancing Hodari in Palia

Becoming friends with Hodari is still part of the romance process. Just like other villagers you can date, you need to reach Friendship level three before you can give him the Box of Chocolates or the Heartdrop Lily. The easiest way to do this is give him all his weekly wants, and speak with him every Palian day.

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Along with being friends with Hodari, you need to be friends with his daughter, Najuma. In this case, you need to reach Friendship level four and complete her quest, Survivor’s Guilt. The quest is initiated by Hodari, and makes sense that he has a large focus on his child.

In addition to being best friends with his kid, you also need to complete the main story quest titled Echoes of the Unknown. This is the mission through the Temple of Waves, which unlocks the Vault of Waves. You don’t have to have the vault finished, however.

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Once those requirements are met, you’ll be able to successfully give Hodari the romance gift of your choice. I picked the Box of Chocolates since you can get them from Zeki’s General Store, as a reward for completing Fishing for Answers. They’re less rare to obtain than the Heartdrop Lily. If you already have the flower lying around, there’s no harm in using it.

That’s how to start romancing Hodari in Palia. Whether you’ve been waiting for him to be a dateable candidate or just started liking his character, you’ll need to befriend both him and his daughter to get your flirt on. For help with quests, how to find a Heartdrop Lily, or how to increase friendship with the NPCs, check out our vault of guides.

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