Palia: How to Complete Prove Your Devotion

Prove Your Devotion is a three part quest in Palia.

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Prove Your Devotion is a multipart quest in Palia given to you by Eshe. As part of your trials to gain citizenship in Kilima Village, you must learn about Majiri society, culture, and values. To do this she points you in the direction of multiple people to teach you about their ways. Each comes with their own tasks, some harder to achieve than others. Here is how to complete Prove your Devotion in Palia.

How to Complete Prove Your Devotion in Palia

These particular main story quests focuses on the past, present, and future of Kilima as well as what it means to be a Palian. Eshe gives you the quest, along with Prove Your Purpose and Prove Your Generosity before even thinking about granting you citizenship in her quaint village. This is easily the hardest of the trials to complete and take the longest, in general.

Prove Your Devotion: Past

The first in the trio of quests is a focus on learning from the past. Sending you off to Jina, you end up tasked with visiting a ruin in Bahari Bay. These ruins are located near between Hodari’s house and Pulsewater Plains on the top of the hill. You have to interact with the statue on the left to read the inscription, then return to Jina with your newfound knowledge.

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Prove Your Devotion: Present

Once you speak with Jina, the second quest will start. For this you need to speak with Hassian, who guides you in ways of the present. This part is arguably the most frustrating as you need to plant wild tree seeds on your property. Cutting down large trees in Bahari Bay is the quickest way to get seeds you can plant. However, if you plant only a couple and accidentally cut them down while clearing your plot, you’ll be back to zero on trees planted. I did this and thankfully only cut down one of the trees needed, but it still added extra time from chopping trees to get that seed that could’ve been saved.

When the seeds are planted head back to Hassian who will congratulate you on learning that you sometimes must do things in the present to prepare for the future. He points you towards Chayne for the last of the trials.

Prove Your Devotion: Future

Chayne, being a spiritual man, feels that learning and preparing for the future revolves around accepting death. In this case, he gives you a Remembrance Candle to bring to the Remembrance Garden. Right as you enter the garden there’s a stone altar where you place it and can meditate on. When complete, go back to Chayne to report on your success.

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After speaking to Chayne you need to find Eshe again. Telling her you’ve finished the trials and have learned the meaning of Prove Your Devotion, the quest will complete. If you’ve already completed Prove Your Purpose and Prove Your Generosity she’ll state that you’ve passed all your trials. If you still need to do those, you’ll have to visit her again before you can start looking for a Shepp.

That’s how to complete Prove Your Devotion in Palia, including all its stages. Once finished you are a couple steps away from being an official Palian. For help finding tree seeds, leveling up skills, or where to find items like Wagon Wheels, head to our library of Palia guides.

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