Palia: How to Find a Shepp

If everyone has denied you're request for a Shepp in Palia, this is what you need to do.

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If you’ve been chatting with villagers in Palia and they’ve all rejected you wanting them as your Shepp, the issue isn’t you. It’s instead your friendship level with the villager. Fulfilling this quest means you’ve got to put in the time to make good with someone from Kilima. Here’s how to find a Shepp in Palia.

How to Find a Shepp in Palia

After completing the Prove Your Devotion, Prove Your Generosity, and Prove Your Purpose quests from Eshe, she’ll saddle you with yet another requirement before you can become a citizen of Kilima Village. You now need to find Shepp, someone who will mentor you in the ways of Majiri life. This may seem like an easy task, but there’s a caveat to the request. You must be at Level 4 friendship and have completed their friendship quest.

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Being a Shepp is a big responsibility to the Majiri, so you have to be really close to the villager for them to take that on. Whether you want to have the first person you meet to be your Shepp or you’re rooting for a specific villager, you’ll need to make sure you’re speaking to them daily. For how to level up friendships, you can check out our guide, as well as what the villager’s Weekly Wants currently are.

Once you’ve completed the villager’s friendship quest, you can ask them to be your Shepp. This time they will accept. You can report your success to Eshe and finish the quest. Finally, you’ll be accepted as a citizen of Kilima.

That’s how to find a Shepp in Palia. For more quest walkthroughs, like how to find all the recipe scraps for Lost in the Wind or where to find certain fish, head over to our Palia guides hub.

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