Is the Bolt Thrower Worth It in Resident Evil 4 Remake? Answered

The Bolt Thrower is a brand new weapon to Resident Evil 4 Remake. Find out if it's worth using or not.

The Bolt Thrower is a brand new weapon to Resident Evil 4 Remake. Find out if it's worth using or not.
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One of the most derided weapons from the original Resident Evil 4 was the mine thrower. In Resident Evil 4 Remakethis wimpy mine launcher has been replaced by the Bolt Thrower. But is the new weapon worth the space it takes up in your inventory?

The Bolt Thrower Explained

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The Bolt Thrower is a special weapon in Resident Evil 4 that uses a unique type of ammo — bolts. These projectiles are entirely silent and can be picked up after they’re shot. In addition, you can find and craft mine attachments that can turn a regular bolt into an explosive one. The only caveat is explosive mines cannot be retrieved like regular bolts. 

You can get the Bolt Thrower by buying it from the Merchant for 10,000 pesetas. Like any other weapon, it can be upgraded and made more powerful as you progress. But is it worth spending time and currency investing in this unique weapon? Or giving it the inventory space it demands? 

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Is the Bolt Thrower Worth Using in RE4 Remake?

The answer to whether the Bolt Thrower is worth using in RE4 remake depends on your playstyle. We believe that early on in a New Game run, and especially on higher difficulties (or when doing prep runs for something like Peerless Agent), the Bolt Thrower can be quite useful.

If you’re taking a stealthier approach, the Bolt Thrower is the only truly-silent weapon in your arsenal. Between that and knowing you can retrieve your regular bolts, this weapon allows you to play stealth and conserve ammo at the same time.

For those reasons alone, the Bolt Thrower has a purpose in your arsenal.

The Bolt Thrower’s mine attachments are an added bonus that can turn your main stealth weapon into a destructive explosive launcher at any point. If you use the Bolt Thrower, it’s always good to have some mines on-hand to take care of groups.

Overall, these multiple uses make us think the Bolt Thrower is worth it in Resident Evil 4 remake. For more weapon advice, such as where to get the Red9 handgun, and puzzle walkthroughs, such as those for the Sword Puzzle or Maze Puzzle, click the links or visit our RE4 guides hub.

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