Journey to the Savage Planet Orange Goo Locations: There’s an Upgrade for That

Finding Orange Goo in Journey to the Savage Planet is a cinch with this easy-to-get visor upgrade.

Finding Orange Goo in Journey to the Savage Planet is a cinch with this easy-to-get visor upgrade.

Orange Goo is important in Journey to the Savage Planet. Gather enough of it, and it increases your health and stamina. Finding it is a priority, even if the Orange Goo locations are well hidden in the early-game. Luckily, that changes when you unlock the Orange Goo detector visor upgrade. 

The upgrade allows you to scan the environment and pinpoint the exact location of each Orange Goo. So instead of showing you where each of the 100 health and stamina collectibles is (an endeavor as daunting to write as it would be to read), I’m going to show you how to get the enhancement you need to pinpoint them yourself. 

How to Get the Orange Goo Detector Visor Upgrade

Orange Goo Detector in Journey to the Savage Planet.

To get the Orange Goo visor upgrade, you first have to achieve Science Rank 2 — Field Explorer. You will gain access to the challenges leading to this rank once you document at least 25% of the planet’s ecosystem. You will achieve this quickly by scanning the planet’s flora and fauna. 

The science experiments for Science Rank 2 — Field Explorer are: 

  • Live samples: Gather live samples from Pufferbird, Baboushka, and Pikemander
  • Nuke it: Kill 4 creatures with a single Alpha Pufferbird detonation
  • Safety First: Fall 50 meters and save yourself with the Jump thrusters
  • Flight Risk: Kill 5 ground creatures while they are airborne

Below, we’ll go over each challenge and the best place to get them done. 

Live Samples

To gather live samples, equip the Live Sampler. Go up to an animal or specimen and press “R1” on PS4, “RB on Xbox One, or “Q” on PC. If you did it correctly, a little green hand will flash on the X screen. If you did not, a red “X” will appear. 

Pufferbird Locations

You can find Pufferbirds basically everywhere in Journey to the Savage Planet. Two of the best places to find them in the early-game is Shangtar’s Frigid Embrace or The Verdant Wilds of Zyl. They can also be found in the Landing Site biome in the Tranquil Valley of Tranquility and The Cliffs of Mt. Gzarfyn. 

Baboushka Location

The quickest way to find a Baboushka is to go to The Verdant Wilds of Zyl. Look in the grassy area by Jellywaft Basin. You can’t miss them (or their incessant screaming). 

Pikemander Location

The Pikemander is a bit more elusive. You can quickly find one in Meteor Crater. With the fast travel point behind you (the alien structure with the floating ball in the center), go straight and slightly left. There is a piece of land that goes up to the left and into a small grotto. Jump over into the grotto to find the Pikemander and an Alien Alloy. 

Nuke It + Flight Risk

Go to The Cliffs of Mt. Gzarfyn. To get there, you’ll need the Proton Tether to climb the cliffs near the fast-travel point in The Verdant Wilds of Zyl. Once you get there, you will find a large group of animals, including several Alpha Pufferbird.

Throw some Grob into the mass of fauna. Shoot the Alpha Pufferbird as quickly as you can. Unload on it, and it will explode, giving you the Nuke It challenge

When the Alpha Pufferbird explodes, it does two things. It sends animals flying into the sky, and it sends a handful of small explosives with them. These bombs explode a second time. Let these secondary explosives to kill the airborne animals, and you’ll complete the Flight Risk experiment

Safety First

This experiment is super easy. You can get it when climbing up to The Cliffs of Mt. Gzarfyn. If you don’t mind climbing back up again, simply jump off the edge of the cliff on Mt. Gzarfyn. Use your Jump Thrusters just as you get close to the ground. 

Once you achieve Science Rank 2 — Field Explorer, return to the Javelin Habitat and access the 3D printer. Craft the Orange Goo Detector. Now you can locate every health and stamina upgrade by pressing “R3” on PS4 and Xbox One and “Z” on PC.

It’s worth noting that you’ll need further upgrades to actually get some of the Orange Goos, such as the Launch Booster, the triple-jump and the quadruple-jump, and the Advanced Proton Tether. It also helps to have the Smarter Visor, but it’s not necessary. 

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In our review of Journey to the Savage Planet, we said that the game from Typhoon Studios “is a satirical and colorful metroidvania that survives its corny jokes thanks to fun traversal and worthwhile exploration.”

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