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Hello! Considering the overwhelming (and unexpected) popularity of some of my Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn guides and lists, I’ve decided to take the time to list out all of the guides I’ve posted here on GameSkinny to make jumping between them a little easier.

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Please note as you look through these guides that I am not level 50 on every class, and a good deal of information has either come from friends, people who were nice enough to help, and cross-referencing several materials found online. The primary goal with all of these is to provide quick and easy go-to materials for my fellow Final Fantasy XIV players.

The first list of guides are those that are already complete and can be found on the site. If you see any errors (you just might, I’m only human!), please do not hesitate to pop a comment here and let me know. I am 100% dedicated to fixing data errors and typos in these texts.

The second list are those that are currently on the pipeline, while the third comprises of those I am not sure whether to go through with or not. If you see a topic in the third list you personally would like to see, please let me know.

Leve listings are to be receiving new, more convenient layouts this week. The food listings are getting updated and reworked soon.

Completed Guides

Tradecraft leves
Armorer guides and lists
Alchemist guides and lists
Blacksmith guides and lists
Carpenter guides and lists
Culinarian guides and lists
Goldsmith guides and lists
Leatherworker guides and lists
Weaver guides and lists
Fieldcraft guides
Crafting skills
Food guides (does not include PvP foods)

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