Can't figure out the right number combo for the Quija board puzzle in Layers of Fear? Here's how, with a side of Easter Egg!

Layers of Fear Ouija Board Puzzle Guide

Can't figure out the right number combo for the Quija board puzzle in Layers of Fear? Here's how, with a side of Easter Egg!
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There’s more than meets the eye in the seemingly-simple Layers Of Fear. Despite the lack of traditional gameplay elements, there are many secrets waiting to be discovered while exploring the game’s endless rooms.

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We’ve already covered a previous Layers Of Fear tips and tricks walkthrough explaining most of the game’s more difficult puzzles, but one puzzle in particular that has people stumped is the Ouija board puzzle.

This little brain teaser makes you think back to an earlier Layers of Fear puzzle in order to get the correct answer, and it doesn’t hold your hand with an easy solution.

Solving The Ouija Board Puzzle in Layers of Fear

The first part of the puzzle is extremely easy to uncover. Simply exploring the Ouija board room will unlock the first string of numbers by finding a note with the numbers “363853” written on it, followed by a series of dots indicating missing numbers.

But how could you possibly puzzle out the final three digits? That’s 999 potential combos, and you obviously don’t want to spend time randomly guessing through each of those iterations.

Solving this puzzle requires remembering a previous note you read — and it’s not stored anywhere or available to pull up in the game’s extremely limited UI. If you didn’t remember the number, you’re out of luck… good thing you’re here reading our guide!

The last three digits are 354, for a full Ouija board answer of 363853354. If this code doesn’t work, use the final three digits 363 instead, for a final answer of 363853363.

Ouija Board Puzzle Correct Answer

You may notice you still can’t exit the board after entering the number, and this trips up a lot of players — you have to actually select the blank final number slot, and then hit “Yes” to complete the puzzle (on console, you’ll pull the right trigger).

So where the heck did those random three numbers come from? They were provided in a previous room when you were looking for three digits in a phone puzzle, and the digits can change from playthrough to playthrough (hence the 354 or 363). The numbers appeared on a piece of paper on the wall after turning on two lamps.

Ouija Board Keywords

Now here’s the fun part — besides simply solving the puzzle with the right number, there a bunch of Easter eggs available if you type in different keywords. For instance, typing “DEER” causes a deer head to pop out of the wall and start doing a crazy dance.

Below is a list of all the keywords for the Layers of Fear Ouija board puzzle alongside the interesting effects that have been discovered so far. Of course, there may be more, so let us know if you find any by randomly spelling out words!

  • Light: Turns on lights
  • Dark: Turn off lights (also works with “Darkness“)
  • Game: Opens new story room
  • Porcelain: Opens new story room (on PC, if you type this word via your keyboard instead of clicking the letters with your mouse, it randomly inverts your controls)
  • Escape: Opens new story room
  • 666: Summons an evil teddy bear (also works with “Demon” or “Devil“)
  • Paint: Creates painting on the wall (also works with “Art” or “Brush“)
  • Basement: Chairs float in the air and piano plays
  • Bathroom: The tub and mirror in corner of room appears with crying woman
  • Cat: A rolling cat toy appears 
  • Child: Drawings appear on the wall and crayons drop everywhere (also works with “Daughter“)
  • Clock: Summons a possessed clock
  • Cthulhu: Summons Cthulhu! (Also works with “God,” “Mythos,” or “Lovecraft“)
  • Death: You die
  • Deer: A deer head appears and freaks out
  • Dog: The lights go out and demonic dog appears 
  • End: Takes you out of the room and ends the game (also works with “Exit“)
  • Face: A giant baby doll face appears (also works with “Head“)
  • Fear: Shadows appears on wall
  • Fire: Starts a fire
  • Ghost: A ghost takes control of the board
  • Gramophone: Makes a song play in the bedroom
  • Halloween: A pumpkin appears (also works with “Pumpkin“)
  • House: A small doll house appears
  • Kid: Drawings appear on the wall and crayons appear everywhere
  • Kitchen: A knife flies toward the board
  • Magic: A boy with a balloon and party hat appears
  • Melt: Turns the table black
  • Mouse: Summons a mouse (also works with “Rat“)
  • Music: Causes piano music to play
  • Trap: Summons rat traps
  • Woman: A girl appears in the corner and the death animation plays (also works with “Wife“)

Not the craziest thing from the Ouija board.One Crazy Deer!

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