Layers Of Fear family mementos location guide

16 family mementos are scattered across the game's six chapters, each revealing more about the painter's family before he went mad.

Fully piecing together the painter's shattered mind and learning his family's tragic fate in Layers Of Fear requires finding all the hidden collectibles scattered across the game's six chapters.

There are three main types of collectibles (each of which reveals information on a different area of the painter's life): rat drawings, family mementos, and whispered memories.

Grabbing the first family memento unlocks the “Scraps of Love” achievement, and to earn the “Immortalized In My Heart” trophy you have to manage to find all 16 mementos, some of which are quite thoroughly hidden.

If you aren't sure what mementos you already have, you can peruse your current roster at the end of each level in the masterpiece painting room. On the desk opposite your painting, pick up the black scrap book and flip through each page to see your current mementos.

Below we describe in detail how to find every single memento, but you may also be interested in these guides to fully experience everything Layers Of Fear has to offer:

Chapter 1

Layers Of Fear Memento #1

Immediately after pulling the cover off the painting, you'll head down the hallway and go into the room with the open window and then have to turn around and go back the way you came. In the hallway with the flowers, turn to the right and open the bookcase to find the first photo memento sitting on the shelf.

Memento 1

Layers Of Fear Memento #2

This one is found after you fall through the floor while looking at the doll hanging above the fireplace. Turn on the light switch and then turn around to find a giant painting staring at you menacingly. Wait for the weirdness of the melting painting to pass and then go behind the painting's frame. The second memento is sitting on a table next to a color palette.

Memento 2

Chapter 2

Layers Of Fear Memento #3

This memento is found in the attic room where you can see fire burning below the boards. The memento is clearly sitting on the ground just past the fiery area.

Memento 3

Layers Of Fear Memento #4

When you walk through the fireplace room that explodes behind you, turn around and go back in. A scrap of paper will be found inside the room at a random location – I found it next to the fireplace first, but it can also be across the room on the desk or in another spot. Pick up the paper to get the code to the safe mounted on the wall to the right of the room's door.

Unlock the safe by entering the code you found and then grab the key hidden inside. Head back outside the direction you were going when the room exploded, but instead of turning to the right, go to the end of the hallway and unlock the door with the safe key. You can pick up the memento on the floor in front of a chair.

Memento 4

Layers Of Fear Memento #5

After seeing the dog painting catch fire, you'll head into a hallway where you have to try to open the door at the end and then open the door to the right (next to the candles). Light both of the candelabras inside the room and then open the cabinet next to the bed to find memento #5.

Memento 5

Layers Of Fear Memento #6

Directly to the left of the previous memento is a desk sitting next to a candelabra. Open the top drawer to find the next memento.

Memento 6

Chapter 3

Layers Of Fear Memento #7

In the disorienting segment where doors and hallways disappear whenever you spin around, wait for the destroyed hallway to appear and walk into it, but then turn around again and go back to see a new door.

Open the door and grab the key attached to the doll hanging from the closet ceiling. Go back into the destroyed hallway until you hit the dead end, and then turn around to change the surroundings again. Unlock the large black chest to find this memento.

Memento 7

Layers Of Fear Memento #8

When you enter the large library room with the stacks of books on the floor and on the shelves, stand next to the wood ladder and push it over to the other side of the room. Climb up the ladder and grab the key sitting on the shelf next to a bottle.

With key in hand, turn around and go back up the stairs you used to reach the library. Turn left at the top and unlock the door to find memento #8 sitting on the shelf.

Memento 8

Chapter 4

Layers Of Fear Memento #9

Following the hallway segment with the happy birthday bear, you will eventually come upon that frequently changing four way intersection again, which this time is covered in child scribblings. Go down the left hallway and turn on the lamp. The memento is found inside the second drawer from the top next to the lamp.

Memento 9

Chapter 5

Layers Of Fear Memento #10

After the room with the epilepsy-inducing flashing clock, head down the next hallway until you reach the foyer with the chairs and bookcases. Go through the door on the left side (across from the table and lamp). Push the chair out of the way and then open the right-hand drawer on the desk at the back of the room to locate this memento.

Memento 10

Layers Of Fear Memento #11

This memento is right after the previous one. Head back outside and go through the door on the left, where you'll see your wife in the hallway. The memento is lying on the floor on the right side of the hallway next to the light.

Memento 11

Layers Of Fear Memento #12

This one is found in the segment where the hallway collapses and you have to turn around a few times before a door of light appears behind you. Go through the door to find the memento sitting next to a toy panda on the marble countertop.

Memento 12

Layers Of Fear Memento #13

After passing through the hallway where all the sets of double doors open automatically in front of you, head into a large, dark room with lots of furniture. To the left next to the potted plant and couch you will see the memento lying on the floor.

Memento 13

Chapter 6

Layers Of Fear Memento #14

Immediately after leaving the painting room, go down the right hallway until you see a pillar with a candle. Flip the switch on the back side of the pillar to open a secret room ahead and to the left. Inside the hidden room, open the chest using the combination you found earlier on the calendar (for me it was 9 – 0 – 6, but this may change in different playthroughs). The memento is inside the chest.

Memento 14

Layers Of Fear Memento #15

After completing the Ouija board puzzle, the board will disappear and two giant dolls pop up in the room, which causes the locked shelf to open up. This memento is then found sitting on the empty shelf.

Memento 15

Layers Of Fear Memento #16

In the hallway with all the black satin stuff hanging off the walls, go into the room on the right. The final memento is the scrap of paper on the ground by the door.

Memento 16

That's all 16 mementos, and after grabbing the final one you should see the “Immortalized In My Heart” trophy unlock. If you haven't found all the rat drawing collectibles yet, you can find our full guide here, and stay tuned for the third and final guide on locating all the whispered memories coming next!

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Published Jun. 13th 2017

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