Can't finish the game's final puzzle? We show you step by step how to trigger each new room in sequence.

Layers Of Fear: Solving the Checkers Room Puzzle

Can't finish the game's final puzzle? We show you step by step how to trigger each new room in sequence.
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The final puzzle in Layers Of Fear results in more than a little frustration due how to strictly the triggers are placed. If you aren’t standing in the right areas or staring at the correct part of the room, you won’t be able to get to the ending.

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You aren’t actually playing the game of checkers in this puzzle and can’t interact with the pieces on the board, as this isn’t like the Ouija board, phone, or safe cracking puzzles.

Instead, you have to find a series of game pieces scattered across the room that appear at different times. As the mad painter picks up each playing piece, it will disappear and then reappear with a shimmer on the board in the center of the area.

How to Solve the Layers Of Fear Checkers Board Puzzle

When you first enter the room, look for the wall across from the checkers board table, where you’ll see a dresser with all its drawers hanging out at weird angles. Located on the top right side of the dresser is the first checkers piece. Just press it as though you were interacting with a drawer to make it appear on the board.

 Checkers Board Piece #1 

Turn to your right and head to the other side of the room to find another broken-down dresser to the left of a dilapidated standing closet.

This dresser has several books and a shattered painting frame sitting on top. The second checkers piece is on the left side of the dresser near the closet. It can be hard to see, as this segment of the game is very dark before the room starts changing.

 Checkers Board Piece #2

When you go look at the board next, all the pieces will fly into the air and then return to normal. Walk around the room a few times, looking at the rearranged objects, then return to the board to see the pieces move on their own.

After the pieces move, a new area will open in the corner with a crib and a spinning light mobile. Look at the rat in the crib, then turn right to pick up a new piece sitting in the chair.

 Checkers Board Piece #3

Walk up to the board again to see a new piece move, then turn around to see a new bizarre doll sculpture on the wall. Fully turn around one more time to find a new open door has appeared.

Head inside and look down directly at the record player to the right to cause a bunch of objects to fly out of the wall. Now look up at the bed on the ceiling, which will bring a new checkers piece falling down to the ground at your feet. You have to then actually pick it up off the floor.

This part is very particular — you have to look at the record player and bed at specific locations or the events won’t trigger, so keep moving slightly if nothing appears at first.

Checkers Board Piece #4

Return to the board for another weird vision, then immediately head back to the board again to watch more pieces move. After this scene, turn to the left to find a new stairway leading up.

The stairway doesn’t actually go anywhere and abruptly ends. Don’t try to jump off — instead look for the fifth piece sitting precariously on the ledge.

Checkers Board Piece #5

Look at the board again, then turn around to find a new room open up behind the stairway to nowhere. Inside is a bathroom where you can find the next piece on a sink counter next to a cup and some glasses. You know it’s the correct counter if a scratched-out painting is in view to your right.

Checkers Board Piece #6

At this point, a side room with boards and chains features a locked safe. The safe combination is 042 (turning the safe dial to 00 – 40 – 20 in the typical clockwise / counterclockwise / clockwise fashion) and inside is a spinning top memento.

Head back to the checkers board to find the room covered in black gunk. Turn around and interact with the candles to turn on the lights. Look at the board again to trigger another scene where the pieces go flying.

A kitchen will then appear in the corner opposite the baby’s room — go inside and open the stove to find a bottle.

 Opening The Stove

Turn around and set the bottle on the scale sitting on the counter in the center of the kitchen. Now — you guessed it — look at the checkers board yet again to open a new room.

Look at the giant painting on the wall, then go back and look at the checkers board another time. Turn around and look at the beating heart on the wall so your vision goes blurry and the game’s ending sequence triggers.

That’s all you need to know to finish the Layers Of Fear checkers board puzzle. If you’re stumped by any other elements of the game or need help tracking down the collectibles, be sure to check out our other Layers of Fear guides:

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