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Lethal Company V47 Confusion: Clients Saying V48 and V49 Explained

Lethal Company's gotten a few updates over the past day. Here's why your client says v48 or v49.

The most recently announced patch for Lethal Company is titled Version 47, but some players have seen on launch that they’re on later versions. Why does your Lethal Company say you’re on V48 or V49? Read on for an explanation.

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Why is Lethal Company Version 47 Showing as V48 and V49?

Lethal Company Version 47 was released around 4 p.m. on January 9, 2024, with the now notorious Mickey Mouse thumbnail. Since then, the game has received two hotfixes for bugs and balancing purposes. While it’s a little odd, these hotfixes are what’s caused Lethal Company to jump up two version numbers.

There might be something in the game’s code that automatically increases its version number when it receives a patch. I can’t comment there since it hasn’t received many hotfixes since its release in October. What I can comment on is that many players are seeing the game tell them they’re on v48 and v49 instead of v47.

Maybe it’s how Zeekerss intends to keep the patches named, removing the typical 0.X styling we see on patches for other games.

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How to Update Lethal Company from Version 47

Make sure your Lethal Company client is up to date to connect to currently running lobbies. You can’t connect to players running a different client version.

At the time of writing, several lobbies are still running v48. That will change over the coming hours. Just be sure to keep your game updated since we’re going through a short period of hotfixes.

While Lethal Company should update on its own, you may have to force it to update. Make sure the green “Play” button appears when launching the game from your library. If it’s blue and says “Update,” you’ll need to click the button to initiate an update.

What if Your Lethal Company Still Says V47 and You’re Fully Updated?

If Lethal Company is still claiming you’re on v47 now, with v49 being the most current version, you’re likely still on the beta branch. Just like when you enabled the beta branch, you’ll need to right-click the game in your Steam library, click Properties, and revert back to “None” in the Betas tab. This will update the game to the latest version.

Hopefully this explains fully why your Lethal Company says v49 or v48 with the latest announcement post stating the patch is v47. It’s a little confusing, but not a big deal at all. Make sure you’ve left the beta branch, since patch v47 onward have challenge moons added to the public build. Check out more of our Lethal Company guides on GameSkinny, such as how to survive and beat all monsters and how the Mimic mod works.

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