Lethal Company Version 47: How to Play Challenge Moons on the Beta Branch

Patch 47 brings a much-wanted feature. Here's how to join and host challenge moons in Lethal Company.

The challenge moon Tuo-3 in Lethal Company
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Zeekerss has been hard at work building up everyone’s favorite trash collector simulator. We got Version 45 just a couple weeks ago, and now it’s time for Version 47. At least, if you enable the beta branch. Let’s go into what’s in Lethal Company patch 47 and how you can enable the beta.

[Editor’s Note: Lethal Company Version 47 is now live on the public branch!]

Lethal Company Patch Notes for Version 47 and How to Play Challenge Moons

There isn’t much to say note-wise about this patch, but there are two features Zeekerss specifically mentioned he added to this update that you’ll want to know about. One’s a general addition, while the other is a new way to play the game: lobby tags and weekly challenge moons. Challenge moons are the real reason to try out the beta branch. Lobby tags can be nice to have, though.

When you go to host a public lobby with Version 47, you’ll now see a field underneath the “Public” and “Friends-only” selection to input a tag. He may add set tags to the game in the future, but you can set custom tags in the current beta branch. Seeing how people name their lobbies already, these are sure to be mostly goofy. Though, more sweaty lobbies can at least tag theirs as being serious.

What are Weekly Challenge Moons in Lethal Company?

This is what I’m excited about in Lethal Company v47. Challenge moons are a far more exciting addition than lobby tags. Weekly challenge moons will give you one set moon per real life week to try to get the most scrap you can. You have one in-game day to do it. This is just what the game needed, especially since you get to compete against others for high scores.

A cash register in Lethal Company.
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How to Play Challenge Moons

If you want to try your hand at a challenge moon while this patch is in the beta branch, you only need to select Host at the main menu, then select the named moon below your savegame list. Of course, after you’ve enabled the beta branch. This week, the challenge moon is Tuo-3. It’s Experimentation, and you start with 751 credits to buy supplies. You’re also decked out in a fashionable purple suit!

You can select lobbies focusing on this week’s challenge moon, as well. When you choose to join a crew at the main menu and enter the lobby listing, you can find a checkbox at the top of the screen to view only lobbies for the challenge moon.

How to Enable the Beta Branch for Lethal Company Version 47

Enabling the beta branch for Lethal Company is the same as any other game on Steam, and it’s easy as can be. To get access to Lethal Company v47 before it reaches full release, right-click on the game in your Steam library and then click Properties at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

The beta participation tab for Lethal Company.
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Select the “Betas” tab, then chose “public_beta – For testing new versions” from the drop-down next to Beta Participation. Close the Properties window out, and Lethal Company will update to Version 47. Don’t worry if it says it’s still on v45 when you launch the game. You’ll see very quickly in the lobby listing and in hosting that you’re in v47.

It’s fun to test, but not everyone is going to want to bother with a short-term beta patch. If you’ve had your fun with it and are ready to go back to the game as normal (for now), just do the above again. However, change your selection under Beta Participation to “None.”

The Lethal Company Version 47 patch with challenge moons might be worth going through the beta branch effort if you’re itching for the challenge, but it’s sure to come to the full release soon enough as well. Check out some of our LC guides here on GameSkinny, such as our Nutcracker survival guide or what Hazard levels mean.

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