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Lethal Company: Where to Find All Sigurd Logs

Here are the locations of all Sigurd logs in Lethal Company, including map locations and instructions.

There are 12 Sigurd logs in Lethal Company for you and other great assets like yourself to collect. They expand on the game’s obscure lore and eerie atmosphere. Best of all? They’re hard to find, upping the fear factor. Here’s where to get them, complete with maps.

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All Sigurd Log Locations in Lethal Company (With Maps)

First Log: Aug 22 Location

The very first Sigurd log can be unlocked on your ship at the terminal by simply entering the code: SIGURD. Once you do that, you’ll get your introduction to the game’s lore, which is uncovered further on in other logs that I’ve marked with the yellow circle on the maps below.

Smells Here!: Aug 24 Location

Assurance moon Sigurd log location map
Image via LC Wiki/McMessenger

The next log can be found in the northern part of the Assurance moon. Follow these steps to find it:

  1. Approach the main pipeline.
  2. Once you see the water tower, move towards the giant rock.
  3. The log lies on the ground right next to it.

Swing of Things: Aug 27 Location

Experimentation moon Sigurd log location map
Image via LC Wiki/McMessenger

Once you arrive at the Experimentation moon, head towards the water tower in the north. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Use the ladder to climb the water tower.
  2. Walk all around the water tank.
  3. Pick up the log from the other side.

Shade: Aug 31 Location

The Experimentation moon has another log hidden in the south at the main pipe. Here’s how to get it:

  1. Leave the main building through the fire exit.
  2. Jump onto the pipeline from the top.
  3. Walk towards the very end of the pipeline to get the log.

Sound Behind The Wall: Sep 4 Location

Company building Sigurd log location map
Image via LC Wiki/McMessenger

When you arrive at the Company Building, be sure to do the following:

  1. As soon as you arrive, go west.
  2. Find a hatch on the floor next to the containers.
  3. Open the hatch and climb down the ladder.
  4. Walk to the very end of the pathway until you reach the log.

Goodbye: Sep 7 Location

March moon Sigurd log location map
Image via LC Wiki/McMessenger

The March moon has a log in the southern border, which will take some effort to get:

  1. Move in the southeastern direction from the ship.
  2. Once you enter the forest, locate a stone building.
  3. You can find this log on its roof.

Screams: Sep 13 Location

Vow moon Sigurd log location map
Image via LC Wiki/McMessenger

I believe this is the easiest log to get after the first one. All you need to do is walk the stone bridge toward the main building on the Vow moon.

Nonsense: Sep 27 Location

Rend moon Sigurd log location map
Image via LC Wiki/McMessenger

The last discovered log can be located in the north of the Rend moon. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Locate the lantern to the north of the main building.
  2. Keep moving in the northeastern direction.
  3. The log can be seen at the end of the snowy hills.

Undiscovered Sigurd Logs

  • Golden Planet: Aug ??
  • Idea: Sep 19
  • Hiding: Sep 30
  • Desmond: Oct 15

There are four more logs in the game that haven’t been discovered yet. But as soon as we get them, we’ll update this article. That’s all you need to know on where to find all Sigurd logs in Lethal Company. Stay tuned for more LC tips and tricks articles, including how to save progress and how to dance.

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