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How to Save in Lethal Company: Does Lethal Company Save Progress

Whether manual or autosaving, let's see does Lethal Company save progress.

Even in online games, saving is a crucial feature whenever there’s a longer gaming session. Since runs can get lengthy in this game, players have been wondering how to save in Lethal Company. Does Lethal Company save progress?

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When Does Lethal Company Save Your Game?

If you’re wondering does Lethal Company save progress, the short answer is yes. There’s a Lethal Company save file, in fact, there are three of them. Each one will autosave your progress whenever you start a run and take off into orbit.

That said, there are a couple of noteworthy points. First off, the game autosaves but won’t save your physical position in the game world. I was wondering whether this was true and tested it by seeking out Eyeless Dogs, having them chase me, and quitting out before death. Turns out you indeed cannot save mid-run and pick up where you left off. Lethal Company autosaves will treat the save file as if you’ve died, and you can start over from the beginning of the day.

Secondly, the game will save passive information like bestiary data, rank, current scrap amounts collected, etc. This essentially means that while there are autosaves, you cannot manually dictate when you save. In fact, trying to quit into the main menu will warn you that your current physical position and progress won’t be saved.

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How to Save in Lethal Company

As you can see, you cannot manually save and reload to a specific position in the run. Your game simply autosaves your overall success and failure on each run. Each death will progress the in-game timer by one day for that specific Lethal Company save game file.

In case everyone dies and one crewmate is left, the host can Alt+F4 to close the session and start the day anew. All passive information about your character overall like rank and scrap quota is saved. That said, you still need to haul scrap back, sell it, and launch into orbit for the game to save your progress.

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We hope you’ve found this guide on how to save in Lethal Company useful. For more articles on the game like beginner tips, check out our LC guides hub.

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