Lies of P: Best Class to Choose 

Wondering which class to play as Lies of P. In this guide, we explain the best class to choose.

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After you wake up as Pinocchio, you have to choose which path or class you want to play as. This is the most important decision you’ll make in the game since you can’t change it afterward. The world is filled with dangerous enemies, so starting on the right foot will make your life much easier. In this guide, we’ll review the best class to choose in Lies of P

Best Class to Choose in Lies of P

Path of the Bastard

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The best class to choose in Lies of P is the Path of the Bastard. Compared to the other classes, the Path of the Bastard is the most forgiving and effective. This class is all about speed and stamina and has the highest stat in Vigor. This allows you to dodge and evade enemies better than any other choice, which you’ll need in this fast-paced Bloodborne-like. Although the Path of the Bastard has the weakest attack stat, you can still get in a few fast attacks before needing to evade and still having plenty of stamina to spare. 

Having the most stamina is the main reason the Path of the Bastard is so good, giving you the most options in combat. You can dodge, block, attack, and get away and still have some stamina left. On top of that, plenty of enemies have flurry attacks, throwing multiple attacks at you right after the other in quick succession. Being able to Perfect Guard all the attacks in a row can be extremely difficult, so the ability to dodge a few times makes avoiding these attacks the better option. 

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Path of the Bastard Levels & Gear 

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When spending your Ergo on leveling up the best class in Lies of P, there are some things you should keep in mind.

  • The two stats you want to invest the most in are Vigor, to increase your stamina, and Technique, to increase your physical attack.
  • You should also invest in Vitality for extra health and Motivity so you can equip more gear and not get slowed down by the weight.

You want to ensure your weight never reaches the Heavy status since it makes everything that makes the Path of the Bastard the best class useless. When your weight is even Slightly Heavy, your speed will decrease substantially, and dodging will take up more stamina. This makes the fast dexterity play style impossible. 

And that’s the best class to choose in Lies of P. Want to take a look at the other classes, or need more help? Make sure to check out our other Lies of P guides right here.

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