Lies of P: All Classes Explained and Detailed

Here's a breakdown of all the classes in Lies of P.

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In the beginning of Lies of P, you’re given the choice to choose between three classes. This is the most important decision you will make in the game since you won’t be able to change it later. The world is filled with dangerous enemies, so choosing the right class that fits your playstyle will make dealing with these foul fiends more manageable (at least in theory). In this guide, we’ll explain and detail all of the classes in Lies of P.

All Lies of P Classes Explained and Detailed

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Path of the Cricket 

The Path of Cricket is the most balanced of the Lies of P classes. It doesn’t excel in any one stat. Instead, it distributes them evenly. This allows you to have a decent amount of speed and decent enough attack power. You can also use any type of weapon with ease.

The Path of the Cricket is your basic Jack of All Trades skillset. If you’re looking for the class that’s the easiest to pick up and play, this is the one. However, since this class is so general, you’re more likely to spread them out evenly when you start to level up your stats. This can make you feel like you’re falling behind in some stat.

Path of the Cricket Starting Stats

Vitality (HP)9
Vigor (Stamina)
Capacity (Guard Regain)8
Motivity (Weight Limit)9
Technique (Physical ATK)9
Advance (Physical DEF)7


  • Well balanced.
  • Can use most weapons/ equipment.
  • Easy to use.


  • No specializations.
  • Stats may fall behind due to balancing them out.

Path of the Bastard 

The Path of the Bastard is all about Speed and Stamina, which makes it the best class to choose in Lies of P, in my opinion. It boasts the most impressive Vigor attribute among all the classes. This advantage enables you to excel in dodging and eluding adversaries, a crucial skill given their agility. Despite the Path of the Bastard having the lowest attack stat, you can execute several rapid strikes before evading, all while maintaining a decent amount of stamina. 

Path of the Bastard Starting Stats

Vitality (HP)
Vigor (Stamina)7
Capacity (Guard Regain)8
Motivity (Weight Limit)9
Technique (Physical ATK)9
Advance (Physical DEF)7


  • Fast and best for dodging.
  • The most amount of stamina.
  • Most amount of options during combat.


  • Least amount of HP.
  • Weakest Attack. 
  • Lowest Capacity. 

Path of the Sweeper 

The Path of the Sweeper is your typical heavy-hitting attacker class. This class is powerful and has the most amount of Vitality (or health). The Path of the Sweeper will take out enemies in just a few attacks. However, where it excels in power, it lacks in stamina. You’ll have to be careful when attacking since your stamina is so limited. If you choose this class, you can only get in one or two powerful attacks before you must guard or dodge attacks. If you do any more than that, you’ll be out of stamina and take massive damage. 

Path of the Sweeper Starting Stats

Vitality (HP)11
Vigor (Stamina)5
Capacity (Guard Regain)11
Motivity (Weight Limit)11
Technique (Physical ATK)
Advance (Physical DEF)6


  • Most Attack.
  • Most HP.
  • Highest Capacity.


  • Very slow combat. 
  • Lacks Stamina. 
  • Can’t dodge well.

Those are all of the classes in Lies of P explained and detailed. Make sure to choose the right class that fits your preferred playstyle. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses, so keep that in mind. For more tips and tricks, check out our guides hub for the game such as how to use Star Fragments and Specter Summons.

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