Lies of P: How to Use Star Fragments and Specter Summons

Bring a spectral ally to help you during boss fights in Lies of P with Star Fragments.

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The boss battles in Lies of P are quite challenging, and your opponents will certainly test your mettle. Thankfully, there’s a mechanic that allows an AI-controlled fighter to lend a hand. Here’s how to get use Star Fragments and Specter summons in Lies of P.

How to Use Star Fragments and Specter Summons in Lies of P

The Lies of P Star Fragment is a type of item that you obtain while exploring or by purchasing from a vendor named Giangio. Use these when interacting with an altar in front of a boss’ chamber to summon a Specter.

Star Fragments purchased from Giangio require Gold Coin Fruit, the same currency used to purchase Wishstones. I find it’s possible to amass enough Star Fragments throughout the course of the campaign. That’s why I mostly used Gold Coin Fruit to buy Wishstones, as opposed to Star Fragments.

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Specter Summon Actions and Wishstone Buffs

The Specter summon in Lies of P acts on its own and is a means of providing extra help in battle since the game doesn’t have co-op play at the moment. The Specter summon will attack a boss alongside you, but it’s also not invulnerable. In fact, you could see it committing mistakes during the fight.

Fortunately, there are a few Wishstone buffs that can improve its survivability and functions:

  • Friendship Wishstone – Restores Specter HP.
  • Explosive Wishstone – Explodes whenever the Specter is hit.
  • Protection Wishstone – Reduces the damage taken by a Specter; increases its resistance to status ailments.
  • Frenzy Wishstone – Increases destructive power or attack for a period of time.
  • Indomitable Wishstone – For a short duration, the Specter is able to avoid death and its HP is restored.
  • Flame Wishstone – Imbues the Specter with fire damage; reduces damage taken.
  • Lightning Wishstone – Imbues the Specter with lightning damage; reduces damage taken.
  • Poison Wishstone – Imbues the Specter with acid damage; reduces damage taken.
  • Provocation Wishstone – The Specter attracts the enemy’s attention temporarily; reduces damage taken.

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I found that the Friendship Wishstone is the most viable option. That’s because you can use it when necessary to heal a Specter. The Indomitable Wishstone is also decent, but I feel that you need to time its usage right just before a Specter dies, so that the death save effect can trigger. Lastly, the Provocation Wishstone is a good pick, especially if you want the Specter to tank the hits so you can land your own attacks freely.

That’s everything you need to know about how to use Star Fragments and Specter summons in Lies of P. You can visit our LoP guides hub for more tips and strategies, such as how to get and use special Grindstones.

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