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Lies of P: How to Get and Use Special Grindstones

Imbue weapons with elemental damage and new effects in Lies of P with special Grindstones.

As you explore the world of Lies of P, you’ll discover many items. Some of these offer beneficial effects, such as Special Grindstones that have unique boosts. These include elemental damage, guard buffs, and more. Here’s how to get and use Special Grindstones in Lies of P.

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How to Get and Use Special Grindstones in Lies of P

Lies of P Special Grindstones come from various sources, starting with a boss drop and later, purchased from a vendor. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Boss: King’s Flame Fuoco – This is a boss that shoots out oil spills and flame jets, and you’ll battle it in the Venigni Works level. Once defeated, it will drop the Flame Grindstone.
  • Vendor: Pulcinella – This is a vendor NPC in Hotel Krat. However, most of his wares aren’t available at the start. You’ll need to acquire special items known as Venigni Collections. In my case, I found these in Estella Opera House, the Barren Swamps, and the Ruins of Trismegistus. Once you give these items to Pulcinella, you’ll notice that he sells new stuff, including more Special Grindstones.
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How to Activate Special Grindstones

The Special Grindstones in Lies of P are tied to the weapon durability repair mechanic. That’s because you’ll use a regular grindstone to repair your armament’s condition. This is done by holding “G” (keyboard), “X” (Xbox gamepad), or Square (PlayStation gamepad).

However, if you want to use a Special Grindstone, make sure you select it first via a Stargazer. You’ll then notice a different button prompt to activate it: you must hold the block button, and then hold “G,” “X,” or Square depending on your control scheme.

After activating one, you’ll need to interact with a Stargazer to replenish its charge. You may also select P-Organ upgrades that increase the number of uses.

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Special Grindstones, Abrasives, and Their Effects

Below, I’ve listed the Special Grindstones that I found in the game. Take note that these effects are only temporary, usually lasting around 20 seconds.

  • Flame Grindstone – Imbues weapon with fire damage.
  • Electric Blitz Grindstone – Imbues weapon with electric damage.
  • Acid Grindstone – Imbues weapon with acid damage.
  • Indomitable Grindstone – Increases the performance of your guard/guard regain.
  • Destruction Grindstone – Increases your weapon stagger attack. This is an option if you want to stagger enemies effectively.
  • Satisfaction Grindstone – Increases critical hit rate.
  • Durability Grindstone – Prevents durability loss for a short period.
  • Perfection Grindstone – Activates Perfect Guard automatically while blocking.
  • Abrasives – Abrasives also imbue your weapon with elemental damage (i.e. flame, electric, and acid). However, these are consumables with a limited amount, unlike Special Grindstones that are permanent once obtained.

I find that most Special Grindstones are decent enough in the right situations, though I did use Flame Grindstone to gain an increase to my damage during boss battles. I also feel that the Perfection Grindstone might be the best option later in the game. That’s because it triggers a Perfect Guard for a short period, which meant that I was able to deflect all enemy attacks regardless of the block timing. I simply held down the block button and watched as devastating combo hits were nullified.

That’s everything you need to know about how to use Special Grindstones in Lies of P. You can also learn about how to upgrade weapons and how to alter weapon handles. For more tips and strategies, such as which are the best Wishtones, you can visit our LoP guides hub.

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