Lies of P: How to Beat the Green Monster

Turn this mech-beetle hybrid into mincemeat in Lies of P. Here's how to beat Puppet-Devouring Green Monster.

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You’ll fight several deadly bosses in Lies of P. One of these is the Green Monster of the Swamp, also known as the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster. If you thought Fallen Bishop Andreus was a challenge, then prepare for yet another Decay-infested migraine. Here’s how to beat the Green Monster in Lies of P.

How to Beat the Green Monster in Lies of P

To beat the Lies of P Green Monster, you need to watch out for its wild attack patterns, as well as abilities that cause the Decay debuff. As mentioned in our status effects guide, Decay not only gradually depletes your HP, but it also affects your weapon’s condition. As such, it’s imperative to repair weapon durability even in the middle of the fight.

I also suggest bringing a secondary weapon, if possible. This gives you an additional option to attack or defend in case it’s too risky to repair your main armament.

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Phase 1: Green Monster of the Swamp

The Lies of P Green Monster of the Swamp boss is a corrupted creature that has the following abilities:

  • Claw Swipe – Does a multi-hit combo with its arms.
  • Power Slam – Walks on its hind legs before crashing down on the ground. This is unblockable.
  • Power Rusher – Crouches on the ground, then rushes player location. This is unblockable.
  • Burrow – Burrows underground before emerging. Do not hold the block button since you’ll still get hit once it emerges.
  • Decay Tendrils – Pulls back its tentacles before striking and applying the Decay debuff. This attack is done twice, so be ready for the next sequence.
  • Decay Breath – Spews an acidic breath in a frontal cone; applies Decay debuff.

The first phase is relatively manageable (for the most part). I found that Claw Swipe can be easily avoided as dodging sideways, which allows you to strike the boss several times with a fast weapon. Power Rusher and Decay Breath can also be avoided just by sidestepping.

The most dangerous abilities, though, are Burrow and Decay Tendrils. Burrow is a bit weird, as you can avoid it by running away or dodging at the last second. However, there are times when I was still hit using this tactic, even though I knew I was doing the same actions as before.

As for Decay Tendrils, keep in mind that this hits twice. Don’t bother dodging or timing a Perfect Guard. Instead, just hold the block button to mitigate the Decay build-up.

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Phase 2: Puppet Devouring Green Monster

After depleting your target’s HP, a cutscene will play. The creature will then merge with a destroyed puppet mech, leading to the next phase of the battle:

  • Arm Swipe – Similar to the Green Monster, it has a multi-hit combo.
  • Arm Grab – Grabs your character then breathes on them with acid before throwing them down on the ground.
  • Leaping Launch – Jumps multiple times before smashing down on the ground.
  • Tendril Swipe – Tendril attacks have faster animation, and will still apply Decay.

The boss will use new and old tricks. For its melee swings like Arm Swipe, you can still dodge sideways to avoid the initial hit, then follow up with a strike. Just remember that the boss is faster and has more erratic attack patterns.

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Puppet-Devouring Green Monster Rewards

Once you’ve eliminated the Lies of P Green Monster boss, you’ll receive the Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo, which can be exchange for either of these two items:

  • Ghost Walk Amulet – Fury attack dodge becomes available.
  • Two Dragons Sword – A katana with Motivity D/Technique A scaling. Its charge attack does a flourish which, when timed correctly, triggers a riposte counter.

That’s everything you need to know about how to beat the Green Monster in Lies of P. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our LoP guides hub covering topics such as how to save Antonia, the best Wishstones, and more.

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