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Lies of P: How to Find the Last Story of Eugenie

Learn Eugenie's last story to get "The Story of a Stranger Girl" in Lies of P!

“The Story of a Stranger Girl” achievement is one of the easier story-based ones to grab, and it relies on a specific section of the game. However, it’s also missable because you need to make two choices with certain answers to get it, and one requires you to tell the truth. So, here’s how to find the last story of Eugènie in Lies of P.

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How to Find the Last Story of Eugenie in Lies of P

If you’re doing a lies only playthrough, you won’t be able to get Eugenie’s last story. In that case, you’ll have to use NG+ or a standard new game.

Go Through Eugenie’s Dialogue

Like with other characters’ stories, the first step is to speak with Eugenie when she has new dialogue. If she wants to talk to you, her picture will appear next to Hotel Krat when you’re using a Stargazer to travel. Dialogue that you haven’t seen yet will have a little diamond on it to help you keep track. This part is relatively simple since each chapter sends you to Hotel Krat at the end to transition to the next section, allowing you to take a minute to talk to everybody.

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Defeat Alidoro and Tell the Truth

Then, you’ll reach Chapter 10, where you can find Eugenie’s last story. When you come across Alidoro, you can choose to fight him. For this achievement, you’ll need to take that option and defeat him to pick up a Cryptic Vessel. Give the vessel to Venigni, and then you need to speak with Eugènie. When she asks you a question, tell her the truth, and you’ll receive “The Story of a Stranger Girl.”

That wraps up how to find the last story of Eugenie in Lies of P, but there are plenty of other achievements to hunt. You can also use New Game+ to increase the difficulty for an extra challenge. Otherwise, head to our LoP guide hub for topics like how to find the last story of Venigni or how to get and use special Grindstones.

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