Lies of P: How to Use Stargazers

Stargazers offer many benefits in Lies of P. Here's how to use them!

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Stargazers are important tools that serve multiple functions. You’ll find them throughout Krat, and they’re available to use after you repair them, which simply means interacting with the blue light that indicates their locations. Here’s how to use Stargazers in Lies of P, a skill that’s essential for navigating the game’s world.

How to Use Stargazers in Lies of P

Stargazers are the Lies of P equivalent to Bonfires in the Dark Souls series, so you might be familiar with how they function if you’ve played the latter.

What Are Stargazers

Stargazers fulfill several purposes such as storage, fast travel, speaking to Gemini, saving, and they’re your respawn points when you die. The wispy blue lights with a butterfly nearby signal the location of a Stargazer. They can be easy to run past if you aren’t paying attention, and I missed a few that would’ve been rather useful to have access to.

Using Stargazers

Before you meet Sophia, the Stargazers will let you spend Ergo to level up. But after reaching Hotel Krat, you’ll rely on them for storage since you have limited inventory capacity, traveling, and save points where you can restore your Health and resources. The downside is that every time you interact with a Stargazer, enemies will respawn. This doesn’t apply to bosses, but it can mean that you might not want to use them too often and end up fighting your way through the same enemies repeatedly.

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After you stop at Hotel Krat, you’ll be able to unlock the fast travel ability for the Stargazers. When you interact with them, you can teleport to other Stargazers that you’ve unlocked, which is useful if you need to backtrack and don’t want to fight your way to a location.

That covers how to use Stargazers in Lies of P, and they’ll be a critical part of your gameplay, especially in New Game+ as the bosses grow more difficult. As a Soulslike, it’s not surprising that there’s an equivalent to Bonfires, but if you haven’t played a Souls game, it could seem like a strange mechanic at first. For more content, visit our LoP guides hub for topics like how to repair weapon durability and how to beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.

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