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Lies of P: How to Beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood

This gang outnumbers you in Lies of P. Here's how to defeat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.

You’ll battle many dangerous foes in Lies of P. The most insidious of these are the members of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood. Sure, you probably don’t have anything to fear in a one-on-one fight against human-sized opponents, but how will you fare against four enemies at the same time? Here’s how to beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P.

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How to Beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood the in Lies of P

To beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P, you need to be mindful of their swarming attacks and strength in numbers. It also bears mentioning that you battle them in two encounters: the first in Malum District, and the second in the Ruins of Trismegistus.

Black Rabbit Brotherhood Boss Fight: Malum District

The first time you fight the Lies of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood, your main target is the Eldest gang member. However, the others will also swoop in to help, but they have lower HP. Here’s what you need to watch out for:

  • Eldest – This Buster Sword-wielding foe will make Cloud Strife proud:
    • 6-Hit Combo – Does multiple swings with his weapon.
    • Overhead Chops – Multiple downward thrusting chops ending with an unblockable smash.
    • Power Sweep – Winds up then does an unblockable sweep.
    • Cyclone – Spins around and hits you multiple times.
  • Youngest – This female member of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood has blindingly fast, ninja-like moves:
    • Rushing Somersault – Does multiple hits ending in a somersault kick.
    • Shuriken Throw – If you’re too far, she’ll toss a shuriken at you.
  • Eccentric – The spearman of the group relies on lancing thrusts:
    • Trident Spike – Does a combo chain with multiple hits.
    • Vault Strike – Uses his spear to leap into the air before crashing down.
  • Battle Maniac – This swordsman is quite aggressive, and will perform fast attacks and even a snare move:
    • Rapier Lunge – Does a combo with his shortsword.
    • Get Over Here – If you’re too far, he’ll pull you with a snare akin to the Puppet String Legion Arm.
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The idea here is to pay attention to the Black Rabbit Brotherhood members that will support the Eldest. Here’s the order in which they join the fray: Youngest -> Eccentric -> Battle Maniac. Upon damaging the Eldest a bit, I saw the Youngest gang member pop up. I focused on her while keeping the Eldest at bay. Once her HP was depleted, she ran away. But, I still watched out for the Eccentric and Battle Maniac, who joined at intervals.

As long as you’re able to take out the Eldest’s ally, you should prevent the hostiles from having a two-on-one advantage. Moreover, since your opponents are human-sized, it might be possible to dodge around them so you can perform a backstab. Lastly, I used a heavy weapon here called the Holy Sword of the Ark. Still, I feel that it’s more viable to rely on lighter and faster weapons.

In any case, once you’ve killed the Eldest, the entire gang will leave. You’ll be rewarded with the Taunt emote and a Resplendent Ergo Chunk. The next major boss after this is Romeo King of Puppets. But the Black Rabbit Brotherhood will return much later in the campaign.

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Black Rabbit Brotherhood Boss Fight: Ruins of Trismegistus

The Lies of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood boss fight in the Ruins of Trismegistus is significantly tougher. That’s because you’ll fight the three bandits at the same time. Moreover, once you kill two of them, the Eldest will emerge from the coffin.

You’ll battle the Battle Maniac, Eccentric, and Youngest Black Rabbit Brotherhood members. They have the same attacks as before, but they’ll also imbue their weapons with elemental damage and status effects:

  • Battle Maniac (sword) – Fire/Overheat.
  • Youngest (rapier) – Acid/Decay.
  • Eccentric (spear) – Electric Blitz/Electric Shock.
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The good news is that they tend to alternate, which is denoted by an instance where one starts to imbue their weapon with elemental damage. By this, I mean that one will be more aggressive, while the other two mostly hang back. However, if they get too close, they’ll still rush you.

As such, the idea is to focus on your main target, while looking to see if the other gang members are within striking distance. You may also use a Star Fragment to summon a Specter ally, as well as the Provocation Wishstone. Hopefully, the Specter can distract one or two hostiles.

As mentioned earlier, killing two enemies will spawn the Eldest member of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood. This fella retains the same abilities, but his Power Sweep now creates a wave of blue flame that radiates outward. A good idea is to make sure that the two remaining bandits are both low on HP. That way, you can quickly eliminate both so you can handle the Eldest one-on-one.

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Completing this hectic battle rewards you with a Quartz. Yes, I was greatly disappointed when this was the only item I received.

That’s everything you need to know about how to beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P. The next challenging boss is none other than Laxasia the Complete. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our LoP guides hub such as how to use Special Grindstones.

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