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Lies of P: How to Find the Last Story of Sophia

Earn "The Story of the Blue Butterfly" by finding Sophia's last story in Lies of P!

Like Geppetto, Sophia’s last story is tied to an ending, but also to a certain choice that comes a bit before it. You’ll get “The Story of the Blue Butterfly” achievement, and if you haven’t in another playthrough, you’ll face the true final boss of the game. Here’s all you need to know about how to find the last story of Sophia in Lies of P.

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How to Find the Last Story of Sophia in Lies of P

Sophia is by the Stargazer in Hotel Krat, and you’ll be visiting her often to level up your skills using Ergo.

Exhaust Sophia’s Dialogue

Although you’ll interact with Sophia for leveling, you’ll want to make sure you exhaust her dialogue through the chapters as well. Hotel Krat is a point for transitioning between chapters, so you can check if there’s a diamond on any options when speaking with her, as that means it’s new dialogue you haven’t heard yet.

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Give Sophia Peace and Keep Your Heart

When you’re close to the end, you’ll have the option to give Sophia peace, and you need to take that choice for this achievement. Then, when Geppetto asks for your heart, refuse him and defeat the Nameless Puppet.

When the ending scenes are over, don’t go into New Game+. Instead, return to Hotel Krat and take the letter sitting on Geppetto’s desk. Once you grab it, you’ll receive “The Story of the Blue Butterfly” achievement as that’s the last story of Sophia.

That covers how to find the last story of Sophia in Lies of P, but now you can head into NG+ for more challenges. With harder bosses and plenty of collectibles left to find, your journey doesn’t have to end with the first playthrough. For content to help you out, check our LoP guide hub for topics like how to find the last story of Eugènie or our list of the best items to use.

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