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Lies of P: How to Fix Chapter 2 Game Breaking Bug

How to Fix the bug in Chapter 2 of Lies of P that prevents you from progressing!

If you’re unlucky, you might’ve come across issues in Chapter 2 that forced you to reload your game, possibly resulting in losing progress. The Lies of P team has acknowledged this problem and is looking into a solution so that it can be patched. But in the meantime, they’ve given some guidelines to help you avoid running into issues. Here’s how to fix the game breaking bug in Chapter 2 of Lies of P.

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How to Fix the Game Breaking Bug in Chapter 2 of Lies of P

Game breaking bugs are never fun to come across, but the one in Chapter 2 of Lies of P is easy to avoid while you’re waiting for a patch.

The source of this game breaking bug seems to be connected to Hotel Krat, the only safe haven left in the city. Since it’s a new location when you arrive, your instinct might be to explore and try to get into every nook and cranny that you can. However, it seems that this is what’s leading to the game breaking bug that triggers in Chapter 2.

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The Cause and How to Avoid It

According to the developers’ message, trying to enter locked rooms in Hotel Krat before you defeat the Scrapped Watchman at city hall can trigger the game breaking bug that prevents you from being able to progress.

  • If you’ve encountered it already, you’ll likely have to load an older save file before you can progress.
  • But if you’re just reaching Hotel Krat, how do you avoid it? Don’t enter locked rooms until after you defeat the Scrapped Watchman at Krat City Hall.

That covers how to fix the game breaking bug in Chapter 2 of Lies of P. Hopefully, the team finds and patches this issue soon since it’s never fun to run into a problem that forces you to lose progress and redo part of a game. In the meantime, we have more content at our LoP guide hub, such as how to beat Parade Master and how to get Quartz.

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