Lies of P: How to Beat Parade Master

Having trouble with the first boss? Here's some tips to beat Parade Master. in Lies of P.

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Lies of P is a Souls-like, which means the boss battles can be extremely difficult. You’ll quickly find yourself fighting the first one before getting a full understanding of how the combat system works. Indeed, alongside this, you’ll need to understand the attack patterns and timings for this engagement to come out victorious. Here’s how to beat Parade Master in Lies of P.

How to Beat Parade Master in Lies of P

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Phase 1 Tips

The Lies of P Parade Master is fast despite his size, so the best course of action is to keep your distance. He attacks hard and fast, so performing a Perfect Guard can be difficult for each attack.

Parade Master has two attacks where he will slam the ground, either one-handed or two-handed. He can perform these in quick succession, so dodging will be your best bet. You may have a short window to get an attack or two in, but make sure to put distance between you and the afterward. Don’t get greedy

The best time to perform combos is when he does his belly flop attack. If it misses, the Parade master will take a few seconds to get back up. This is where you can do the most damage. If you want to play it extra safe, only attack during this window. 

During the first phase, The Parade Master will also have a Fury Attack, where he’ll glow red. This is unblockable for less damage, and you can’t dodge it. Your only option is to perform a Perfect Guard which you can practice on the training puppet by the Stargazer outside of the boss arena. 

Parade Master Phase 2 Tips

Once you get the Parade Master’s health to about half, he’ll stop and slam the cage on his back on the ground, indicating the start of the fight’s second phase. You’ll have to change your strategy, and waiting for the belly flop won’t work here. When he does a downward slam with his hammer, you can get in a few hits if dodged correctly. However, the window for this is much smaller than his belly flop attack. 

The best way to deal damage during the second phase is with parry attacks. If you perform a Perfect Guard, it will stagger Parade Master for a little bit so you can get in some hits. If you do this enough times, his health bar will glow white, which will allow you to perform a heavy attack and stun him. At this point, you’ll get an icon for you to perform a Fatal Attack, which will take out a massive amount of his health. Do that enough, and you’ll kill the Parade Master in Lies of P

Other Important Tips to Consider

If you’re still having trouble with the Parade Master boss, there are other things that can help you in the fight. Before you enter the boss arena, there will be a merchant by the Stargazer who will sell you the Electric Blitz Abrasive and the Throwing Cell.

  • The Electric Blitz Abrasive will give your weapons electric damage, which all puppets are weak to — even Parade Master.
  • The Throwing Cell is a throwable item that will deal electric damage. It’s helpful for keeping your distance. You can save it until the end of the fight to finish off Parade Master in a quick burst.
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That’s how to beat Parade Master in Lies of P. It can be a difficult first boss, but it’s not impossible. During the first phase, make sure to attack when he does the belly flop and keep your distance. During the second phase, try your best to perform parry attacks. And if all else fails, buy some Electric Blitz Abrasives and the Throwing Cells to deal electric damage. For tips and guides, check out our LoP guides hub.

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